The so-called “cult mom,” Lori Vallow, broke her silence for the first time during her sentence in a courtroom filled with sorrow and anguish. She was accused of conspiring to kill her lover’s wife, Tammy Daybell, as well as killing her two children, Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow. Vallow made astounding assertions in her frightening message, denying that anyone had been killed and claiming that her children and her friend Tammy are “very happy” in heaven.

Vallow testified of her interactions with Jesus Christ while wearing an orange jail uniform with orange stripes. She talked of her conviction that heaven was her true home and how she frequently received visitation from spirit beings. JJ and Tylee had both reportedly visited Vallow after their passings, according to Vallow. JJ, who was killed by suffocation, allegedly appeared to her as a “adult spirit” and reassured her that she done nothing wrong. Vallow claimed that her daughter Tylee had been sexually abused and was ill-health, despite the fact that her body had been horribly burned and mutilated.

Throughout the trial, Vallow maintained her composure and avoided eye contact with the distraught loved ones of her victims as they gave their heartbreaking impact statements. However, during the sentencing, she finally addressed the court, sharing her doomsday cult beliefs and her longing to be reunited with her murdered children and friend in heaven.

Vallow’s defense lawyer pleaded with the judge to offer her hope that she would one day be released from prison because to the catastrophic effect on the victims’ loved ones. For each murder charge, however, Judge Steven Boyce imposed a life sentence without the possibility of parole, meaning Vallow would live out the remainder of her days in prison.

The trial made public the tragic sequence of occurrences that followed the murder of Charles Vallow, Vallow’s fourth husband, by her brother Alex Cox. She married Chad Daybell, her lover and fellow murderer, after losing her children and both husbands. Tammy Daybell, Chad’s wife, passed away unexpectedly months later, however her cause of death was initially determined to be natural. As suspicion increased, the bodies of JJ and Tylee were found buried on Chad’s land. Over 60 witnesses testified at the trial, describing how Vallow and her killers were driven by passion, money, and cult beliefs. The trial also featured grisly photographs of the children’s bones.

Even though the trial is concluded with the sentence, Vallow’s legal issues are still very much alive. She is about to be extradited to Arizona, where she will be accused of plotting the murder of her fourth husband, Charles Vallow, as well as the attempted murder of Brandon Boudreaux, the spouse of her niece. Chad Daybell is still in custody while being investigated for the killings of JJ, Tylee, and Tammy. Alex Cox, the third accomplice, tragically passed away unexpectedly in December 2019.

The victims’ families, who had gone through a protracted and traumatic procedure in search of justice for their loved ones, finally found closure with the trial. All people involved in the strange and tragic events surrounding the “cult mom” have been affected in some way, and the intricacies of those occurrences continue to captivate the country.