A cloud has been placed over legendary game show host Bob Barker’s legacy as the country grieves his untimely death at the age of 99. Resurfaced allegations of sexual misconduct involve former ‘The Price Is Right’ model Dian Parkinson, who says Barker forced her into a sexual relationship while she was on the show.

Parkinson’s Unsettling Allegations by Dian

For a considerable amount of time, Dian Parkinson, a former model on ‘The Price Is Right,’ has maintained that Bob Barker used his authority to coerce her into giving birth. Barker, who presented the program from 1972 to 2007, was accused by Parkinson of threatening to dismiss her if she didn’t comply with his requests.

Parkinson told the National Enquirer, according to a close friend: “She stated, ‘I sacrificed my body to keep my career. I was Bob Barker’s sexual slave, and I was powerless to stop it.” The friend went on to say that Barker frequently invited Parkinson to his dressing room for sex, mostly oral sex.

Claims and Legal Actions

A lawsuit was filed in response to Parkinson’s allegations. She sued Bob Barker and the show’s producers for $8 million in 1994 alleging sexual harassment. Parkinson said in her lawsuit that Barker had threatened to dismiss her, thereby extorting her into a three-year affair.

But as legal expenses grew, Parkinson was forced to withdraw the claim in April 1995. Since at least ten lawsuits, some of which claimed sexual harassment, were filed against ‘The Price Is Right,’ during Barker’s tenure, the incident put a permanent taint on the show.

Barker’s Refusal and Rebuttals

When Bob Barker learned of Parkinson’s accusations, he angrily denied them. Parkinson, he maintained, had pursued him in a hostile manner, implying that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Bob Barker. According to Barker, she is a “user out for financial reward.”

Barker also asserted that Parkinson’s actual intentions were revealed by her demands for a $8 million payout and subsequent threats of legal action. After his wife passed away, he acknowledged having an affair with her, but he maintained that their connection was consensual.

A Complicated Past

It’s true that Bob Barker left behind a complex legacy. Although he is well-known for his many years hosting “The Price Is Right” and his fervent support of animal rights, the resurrected accusations serve as a reminder of the less happy times in his past.

Up until his retirement in 2007, Bob Barker hosted “The Price Is Right” despite the scandal surrounding his personal life. Comedian and TV actor Drew Carey took his place.