There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight to Prince Harry’s turbulent relationship with his family, especially his brother Prince William.

Although the Duke of Sussex has been concentrating on his life in California, there are rumors that Meghan Markle’s frequent absences from his trips to the UK have hampered his efforts to mend the royal split.

Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir has noted that Meghan’s absence from Prince Harry at these events conveys a “clear message.”

The Deficits

Prince Harry has visited the United Kingdom several times, but Meghan Markle has never gone with him.

There is much conjecture around Harry’s impending trip for the Invictus Games, which may present a chance for “peace talks” with his father, King Charles. The WellChild award show presentation, which falls on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, is also expected to be attended by the Duke of Sussex.

The absence of Meghan from these momentous occasions has sparked concerns about the connections within the royal family.

Meghan’s Text

According to Jan Moir, Meghan Markle’s absence says a lot. Moir claims that Meghan has stated unequivocally that she will not be going back to the UK unless it is absolutely essential.

Her unwillingness to interact with the royal family is highlighted by her absence from Queen Elizabeth II’s burial, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s coronation, and even Prince Harry’s tearful civil lawsuit against the Mirror publishers.

Moir writes, “Meghan’s message is very obvious. If she can avoid it, she will never again set foot in the gloomy, cake-filled, and depressing United Kingdom.” Some see Prince Harry’s seeming disengagement from the UK as a sign that he doesn’t want to help mend the divide with his family.

The Corrupt Interaction

Although Meghan has the right to make this choice, there is an odd gap in the middle of the family conflict that persists.

The position is further complicated by the circumstances surrounding her purported “forbidden” journey to Balmoral during Queen Elizabeth II’s illness, when she purportedly received a call from King Charles advising her to stay behind.

Claims of a lack of support from the royal institution, bombshell interviews, incendiary autobiographies, and claims of press leaks have all contributed to the growing schism between Prince Harry and his family.

In terms of mending his relationship with his family, Prince Harry now seems to have “nowhere to go” when he returns to the UK.

In her moving final statement, Moir raises the possibility that, despite Prince Harry’s involvement in significant humanitarian projects like the Invictus Games and WellChild, he may ultimately come to regret losing the thing he cherishes most: his family. The Duke of Sussex’s unresolved royal rift is still a complicated and moving chapter in his life.