After reportedly stealing $234,500 in dimes from a tractor-trailer, four guys in Philadelphia have found themselves in FBI custody, where they are being charged with conspiracy, robbery, and theft of government funds. This is a strange turn of events. The team has been accused of planning a number of strange crimes, including the theft of refrigerators, frozen shrimp, beer, and tequila. This heist is only one of many.

The dime heist: In April, a truck driver who was hauling seventy-five thousand dimes from the US Mint in Philadelphia to the Federal Reserve bank in Miami pulled over in a Walmart parking lot in Northeast Philadelphia to crash. Using bolt cutters, the robbers broke into the tractor-trailer during the night and took millions of dimes to their own white box truck, scattering hundreds of thousands of them all over the road.

Laundering the Loot: Using Coinstar machines in Maryland and at least four different banks in suburban Philadelphia, thousands of the stolen dimes were exchanged for dollars in the weeks that followed the robbery. Authorities are baffled as to where the remaining dime(s) went missing because the sum listed in court documents is only $5,200, a negligible portion of the looted money.

The Four Alleged Thieves: Haneef Palmer, Malik Palmer, Ronald Byrd, and Rackiem Savage are now being held by the FBI. The trio used unusual escape strategies, as seen in surveillance film, which included stealing neighboring recycling bins to carry their heavy loot. Breaking up to five pallets, each weighing about 2,500 pounds, was part of the robbery.

unique Crime Spree: The crew has committed a number of unique crimes, this dime robbery being only one of them. The crew stole six refrigerators, tried to sell stolen frozen shrimp, and even took sixty cases of Jose Cuervo before focusing on dimes. The men pushed truck drivers out of their cars on a few occasions, and once they forced a driver to lie beneath their white box truck while they stole the load.

Examination and Police Reaction: Regarding the other peculiar thefts, no arrests have been made by the authorities. The truck driver in the dime heist, according to the authorities, was not involved in the crime. These thefts have drawn attention due of their unusual character, and when the FBI looks into them more, they’ll probably find out more information.