The situation between Russia and the rest of the world just got worse. According to a US diplomat, China has been open about their intention to provide Putin’s Russia with both military and financial assistance.

While it remains unclear whether China will provide that assistance, US officials are considering the public statements a considerable threat. During a dramatic meeting in Rome, which lasted over seven hours, American diplomats warned their Chinese counterparts of “potential implications and consequences” if China supported the Russian state.

The Biden administration has been aiming to isolate and punish Russia for it’s recent attacks on Ukraine; however, the blossoming relationship between Moscow and Beijing has served to undermine the effort.

Due to the Chinese aid, American officials are predicting the conflict in Ukraine will be prolonged, with an increasing number of lives being lost each day.

In cables sent by the diplomats, America relayed to Europe and Asia that China is conveying willingness to assist Russia – possibly with military support. The cable did not provide specifics regarding the type of assistance.

According the CNN, the requests for assistance included calls for MREs ( Non-perishable food kids). The request for food reaffirms intelligence reports that outlined the logistical challenges currently facing the for-now idle Russian troops. As indicated by this request as well as intelligence found of soldiers, Russia was not looking to take this long in their attack. Such help would stop short of “lethal assistance” which would prompt a greater response from the west.

Reports have emerged showing Russian soldiers breaking into grocery stores in search for food.

In unrelated but terrifying news, Saudi Arabia is considering switching the price of gas from American Dollars to Chinese Yuan