Malia Obama’s New Job

Donald Glover has confirmed that Malia Obama is in the writers’ room for his new Amazon series. The “Atlanta” Emmy winner told Vanity Fair that Obama is “an amazingly talented person,” adding, “She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.”

“I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon,” Glover said. “Her writing style is great.”

Stephen Glover, Donald’s brother and frequent collaborator, is also developing the Obama-assisted Amazon series and had this to say about the young talent: “Donald always says perspective is important, and people with different perspectives are important for a writers’ room. And for sure, [Malia] definitely has a unique perspective on everything. So we wanted to hear her stories and have her work with us. Listening to her stories and having her involved really gave us a lot of good ideas.”

Donald Glover signed an eight-figure overall deal with Amazon Studios in February 2021. Sources told Variety at the time that Malia Obama was joining the writers’ room of a Glover project with playwright Janine Nabers, but it wasn’t until now that Obama’s involvement was confirmed. The series is reportedly about a “Beyonce-like figure.” Nabers is known for her work on “Watchmen,” “Away” and “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.”

“Atlanta” just returned for its long-delayed third season on FX. Variety critic Daniel D’Addario called the new season a “startling, stunning master class” in his rave review, praising its direct storytelling. “Atlanta” will return for a fourth and final season in the fall.

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  1. This individual is so dumb as a rock. She got that job because she’s Black. There are plenty of folks out there that much more smarter and fit the qualifications very well but they are opt to given every good federal high paying job to Black women who are not qualified but gotten everything because of color and gender.
    It’s so sick to see how this corrupted and dirty laws is only working in benefits for just only working for people with color and gender.

  2. Wow, so many people against her. I say good for her. She is a credit to her family and the U S A. SHE will be a great asset for our country in the future. YOU GO GIRL!

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