GOP’s Push for Hunter Biden Probe Just Got New Momentum

Republicans are seizing on a report in the New York Post that found a business partner of Hunter Biden’s visited the White House on several occasions while Joe Biden was vice president.

The Post reported Saturday that Eric Schwerwin, the president of an investment firm where Hunter Biden was a founding member, visited the White House and other official locations 19 times between 2009 and 2015.

Schwerwin, who was the president of Rosemont Seneca Partners, met with aides and assistants to the then-vice president and Jill Biden, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by the Post. He also met with Joe Biden himself once in November of 2010.

The report comes after Biden and the White House have said the president has never spoken with Hunter Biden about his overseas business dealings. It also comes after members of the GOP have said they want to investigate President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden themselves.

The New York Times reported in March that federal investigators have been looking into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. The probe is reportedly focused on Biden’s tax filings, payments and gifts he received from foreign interests in China and Kazakhstan.

Though a federal probe is ongoing, Republicans legislators in the House have also vowed to investigate Hunter Biden if they win the majority again 2022.

Republicans took aim at the president after the Post’s investigation was published.

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“Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin visited the White House at least 19 times under Obama,” Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee tweeted on Sunday. “He even met with then-VP Joe Biden in the West Wing.”

“EXPLAIN THIS ONE. Joe Biden has said he had no idea of Hunter’s business dealings but…. The Obama White House visitor logs reveal that Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin met w then-Vice President Biden and other officials during 19 visits from 2009-2015,” Sean Spicer, who served as press secretary under former President Donald Trump also tweeted.

“It’s increasingly obvious that Hunter Biden’s business revolved around providing access to his father and the highest levers of power. It reeks of pay-to-play. The clear solution is a Special Counsel investigation to fairly investigate the disturbing allegations of Biden family corruption,” Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, told the New York Post.

Democrats have criticized Republicans for their focus on Hunter Biden as the GOP has dismissed efforts to look into Trump.

“Hunter Biden has never been in office and isn’t seeking office. Donald Trump led a failed coup against his government,” Representative Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, said this month according to Politico. “The Republicans are obsessed with investigating Hunter Biden and have no interest in guarding against another Trump coup.”

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  1. How is Eric Swalwell not in jail? How are the illustrious corrupt as hell Biden’s not in jail? Because of the help from the corrupt Media most likely. These Democrat slime balls don’t care about doing well for their Country, instead they’re concentration is all about destroying Trump while Trump cares about this Country and had it running like a fine engine.

    1. I had to get up off the floor after I fell down laughing so hard. I think you can get monthly passes to visit Trump when he is in prison. Many you can charter buses for all the Trumpsters who will still believe he is so innocent.

  2. Sometimes it gets hard to tell who is worse for the country, Biden Crime Family or Trump Nothing Sticks and I Won’t Give It Family. Lets throw them all out and find someone honest.

    1. Good luck finding anyone honest that has a chance. The media and powerful corporations run it all. Period!!!! They select our options, that’s all we have sadly!!!!

  3. Justice is slow because the Corrupt Democrats have everybody within this present administration in on this conspiracy to destroy America and our freedom.

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