Shanghai looks and sounds like a horror movie

What is happening in China could be considered the worst human rights violation currently taking place, with citizens locked into their quarters and starving to death. New videos have been released that reveal the true horrors.

Starving Shanghai residents have been filmed screaming from their windows at hazmat-wearing authorities patrolling the city’s streets after weeks of draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.

The footage showed the locked-up citizens shouting at officials in Shi Lan San village on Saturday amid reports of food shortages across the city as China doubles down on its “zero COVID” policy.

“I haven’t eaten yet,” one desperate woman could be heard yelling.

Another man screamed: “I need to eat.”

Residents have taken to social media to complain about their troubles with getting food, water and medicine ever since the city started enforcing its oppressive lockdown earlier this month.

The latest video of screaming residents emerged as authorities started erecting 6-foot-tall metal fences in several neighborhoods to block off some streets and the entrances to apartment complexes of those who had tested positive.

The move sparked outrage from residents on social media, with some complaining they were being treated like “domestic animals.”

The city also converted schools and apartment blocks into designated quarantine sites for COVID-positive residents in the hope of stopping the spread outside of those areas.

The number of cases in Shanghai has now topped 500,000 and at least 190 people have died from COVID.

Meanwhile, authorities in Beijing started stepping up efforts this week to prevent a major outbreak like the one that has all but shut down Shanghai. 

No deaths have been reported from the still-nascent outbreak in Beijing and 22 cases were found in the 24 hours into Monday.

People in the Chinese capital lined up for throat swabs after mass testing was expanded to 11 of the city’s 16 districts.

The announcement of testing in one Beijing district sparked widespread panic buying in the city on Monday in the wake of the disruptions to the supply of food, medicine and daily necessities in Shanghai.

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  1. What was allowed to happen to Shanghai is a stain on the free world and especially the USA. It shows the true hypocrisy of a government said to defend democracy when they insert themselves into foreign countries to supposedly liberate the people from oppression, countries whose people have never shown an ounce of inclination to strive for freedom, and yet turn their back on a country struggling to stay free from an authoritarian domination and allow that country to be invaded and it’s citizens who show the courage to stand against that oppression to be treated like criminals. Here you have people in this country who have been extremely vocal about true enemies of our country being incarcerated for years and have gone to extreme lengths to support and aid them to be set free , and yet they stay quiet , totally avoiding the plight of people who truly deserve their support of by no other means than by not being silent, but decrying their abuse as loudly as they have defended our enemies.

    1. What the heck are you talking about????!!! Stain on the USA? How? China says to stay out of their internal affairs!!! Are you sure you are responding to the right post?? If you are speaking of Ukraine, we have sent more than 12 billion dollars of armaments and are sending more. To do anything more takes the approval of the entire NATO, all 29 countries. So, how is what is happening in Shanghai which is totally controlled by the Chinese, a stain on the free world and the USA?

      1. Sorry, thinking about hong Kong, but more about taiwan. And also about Venezuela. Places that have a closer connection to democracy and a more liberal government. But more than that, there are countries that have wanted a different government or to not have a different one , an interesting difference between Venezuela that rioted against dictatorship while Hong Kong residents marched against the suppression of China. What I’m talking about is we can’t police the world, but we’ve spent nearly 20 years trying to force democracy in parts of the middle East ( won’t get into the self interest for oil) , while we have actually stood by and watched , or turned out backs on, people who showed their desire for a different government by trying to fight against superior odds while hoping for help. We’ve shed blood in places we shouldn’t have under the pretence of helping and spreading democracy, while avoiding helping democracy where possible. As far as the Ukraine, we have supported them perhaps overly. Supplying them with armaments is the fair part, but there are reports that millions in money sent to them to aid the people have disappeared with no accountability. Ukraine was a corrupt nation before Russia invaded, with a lot of donations disappearing and claims of politicians and off shore accounts. We just need to be careful in following everything politicians tell us … or don’t tell us. There is still no exact explanation for the Vietnam war. And I heard many explanation s/ excuses for it at the time.

  2. Shows just how ignorant the Chinese are at caring for their people. No respect for the feelings of their people or their welfare, like eating. They will probably lose more lives than the covid because of their lack of feeling and concern.

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