Mom Kills Pit bull Defending 1 Year Old

Don’t cross a mother defending her child, even if you’re a giant pit bull. After the aggressive dog attacked a 1-year-old girl in California, the girl’s brave mother was able to fatally stab the dog and stop the attack.

Family members say the Sunday night attack on 1-year-old Ruby Ann Cervantes by two blue nose pit bulls lasted no more than three or four minutes, KNBC reports. The girl’s mother, grandmother and aunt were all injured trying to stop the attack.

“He [The dog] had her by the leg, and I had to get his teeth off of her,” said Margaret Morales, Ruby’s grandmother, as reported by KTLA. “He bit my hand, and my hand’s pretty severely cut open.”

Jaime Morales, Ruby’s mother, eventually grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed one of the dogs.

“It was either him or my daughter, so I chose my daughter. I did whatever I had to do to protect my daughter,” Jaime Morales told KNBC.

Ruby was bitten in the leg, ankle and shoulder, according to her grandmother. She received several stitches and underwent two surgeries, including one for a fractured hip. She was expected to be placed in the intensive care unit after the surgeries.

The other three victims all required stitches, as well, KCOP reports. Jaime Morales was bitten in the face and arm while protecting her daughter.

“I did what I had to do because he [the dog] wouldn’t let go,” she said.  “I feel really bad, but I had to. I’m pretty sure anyone would have done it.”

The two pit bulls, both 3 years old, were owned by Margaret Morales, according to KNBC. They were normally outside dogs but were inside at the time of the attack after receiving baths. Family members say the dogs had not been aggressive prior to the incident.

The second dog involved in the attack was taken away by animal control and will be euthanized.

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  1. So what did the child do to provoke the attack and two why would you let two dogs roam with a one year around. Something is not right here and sorry about the child but this dog was also killed. I say negligence on the parent here because of the poor dog losing it’s life. If you can’t handle this type of dog you don’t own them. Sorry, you aren’t going to get full empathy here from me except for the dog.

  2. LMS what is your problem? These dogs attacked a child!! I would have killed both dogs if they were attacking a child of mine. Better dead “poor dogs” then my child. You need to rethink your feelings concerning attack dogs. Next time you could be you getting attacked!!!!

  3. I agree with LMS, the only sympathy felt here is for the two dogs. First and foremost I think it is absolutely absurd that in our country you must pass a test to show you can drive a car safely and carry insurance to drive but get pregnant and off you go with another human life to care for with no laws requiring new parents to show they can adequately care for an infant. Anyone can own a dog and let me be the one to break it to you just in case you live under a rock, dogs are not born bad, period. A dog becomes a product of its environment. Treat them with love, patience, and understanding and they will be loyal to their last breath. Treat them cruelly, withholding affection or abusing or neglecting them and YOU will plant the seed that grows into an aggressive unpredictable behavior. Please educate yourself before adding either a two legged or four legged family member to your pack. Puppies are cute but they turn into dogs after a few short weeks that live on average 10-13 years. Throwing some food and water in a bowl outside for your dog is not being a good pet owner. Dogs are social animals and leaving them tied up outside is cruel in my opinion. Rest In Peace boys! Run free forever!

      1. The only thing..that child did not live in that the dogs were not use to it..anytime you bring a new dog or a new child into a environment with other animals you have to be on guard with any stresses them out

    1. No, of course not…the mother did the only thing she could “once the attack started..”

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