Saudi Arabia Bans Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story spin-off Lightyear will not be released in Saudi Arabia due to the inclusion of a same-sex kiss, the latest in a string of Hollywood films that have been banned in the Middle East over LGBTQ+ content.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the scene in question involved a space ranger called Alisha (voiced by Uzo Aduba) and her partner who greet each other with a kiss on the lips. Variety reports that Lightyear was not submitted to censors in Saudi Arabia, as it was anticipated it would not pass due to the country’s total prohibition of same-sex relationships.

However, the Pixar film was submitted to censors in the comparatively more liberal United Arab Emirates, but the film’s licence was revoked after complaints on social media.

The scene in question had earlier triggered controversy inside the producing studio Disney, after a group of LBGTQ+ Pixar employees published a letter protesting that material containing “overtly gay affection” was being removed from all animated films by studio executives.

The protest was provoked by internal anger at Disney’s corporate stance on Florida’s “don’t say gay” bill, which saw the company agree to pause political donations after staff walkouts. Lightyear’s same-sex kiss was subsequently reported to have been reinstated after being cut.

Lightyear’s problems in the Middle East are the latest in a string of difficulties faced by films containing LGBTQ+ content in the region.

The 2020 Pixar film Onward was banned in Kuwait, Oman and Qatar as well Saudi Arabia after a character voiced by Lena Waithe implies she is a lesbian, while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was refused release in a number of Gulf countries due to the inclusion of teenage lesbian character America Chavez (played by Xochitl Gomez).

Saudi Arabia, which legalised cinemas in 2018, also banned the recent West Side Story remake as it contained a transgender character. Black Panther did achieve a screening in the country, the first following legalisation, after Disney agreed to 40 seconds of cuts including two kissing scenes.

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  1. They will not bend to the homosexual lifestyle and mental health problem of these people. I commend them for not pollution of there reglion.

  2. As a gay man myself, I agree. LGBTQ has made utter fools of themselves and I HATE even be considered part of this group. All we initially wanted was acceptance and there are many that people would never know many were part of the group because they don’t fit the stereotype on any level nor do we agree with it either. Sounds ironic but no many don’t agree with LGBTQ or left’s agenda.

    LGBTQ have done nothing accept push the agenda further and even more to the left including trying to corrupt children. It is no one’s business what goes on behind closed doors, especially children!
    All you have to do is look at the pride festivals and how tasteless, disgusting, tacky, perverted, and sorry but they show they have no common sense or tact and show the absolute worst part of the culture.

    Sorry, but this one gay man that will ALWAYS side with the right. This current administration accepts anything and everything no matter how perverted is, what would you expect? Look at Biden and his family, drunks in the Pelosi family, no ethics, integrity, or morals including the rest of the disgusting administration. Good for the Arab countries! At least they control their country and not going to hell in a hand basket as our is!

    1. Thank you so much for your reply I am a heterosexual female and the reason I am against all the stuff going on is that they’re pushing it in the face of the kids if you are an adult and you are gay lesbian trans whatever that is your business if people can’t except you that’s their problem but there is no need to push it on the kids and again thank you so much for your reply And hopefully a lot of other people would fully understand and realize what you are saying you have a wonderful day or night

  3. I support you LMS in your right to have your own lifestyle & live it. But I DON’T support you trying to SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT whether I like it or not.

  4. Hey Rex think you missed the point L MS was making.He is for NOT pushing the issue especially with children.

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