The news just keeps getting worse for Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband allegedly slurred his words and had drugs in his system when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in May, Radar has learned.

The shocking development was revealed this week, just one day before 82-year-old Paul Pelosi’s scheduled arraignment hearing on Wednesday.

As previously reported, Paul was arrested on suspicion of DUI on May 28 shortly after crashing his 2021 Porsche into a 2014 Jeep around 10:20 PM in Napa County, California.

Although both Paul and the other driver refused medical treatment, the SUV Paul crashed into reportedly sustained “major collision damage.”

According to the newly released complaint and court documents connected to the night of Paul’s arrest, House Speaker Pelosi’s husband’s “speech was slurred” and he was “unsteady on his feet” when Napa County police arrived on the scene.

Paul also reportedly showed “signs of impairment” throughout the administered field sobriety test, and the officers who administered the test “observed objective signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication.”

“His eyes appeared red/watery, he was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath,” the newly released complaint read.

Even more shocking is the fact that, according to the court documents, Paul also was found to have had drugs in his system during the crash and subsequent arrest – although his attorney has since argued the “drug” in his system was the alcohol.

“I believe that the drug reference is part of the statutory boilerplate language in the complaint,” Amanda Bevins, Paul’s attorney, told Fox News.

When asked for his credentials after the crash, House Speaker Pelosi’s millionaire husband also reportedly handed over his driver’s license and an “11-99 Foundation” card – a card showing his involvement in a California Highway Patrol charity meant to “support California police and provide scholarships for their children.”

Paul was ultimately arrested at the scene and taken into custody before posting his $5,000 bail early the next morning.

On June 23, nearly one month after the crash, Paul was charged with two criminal misdemeanors: driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, as well as driving with .08% blood alcohol level or higher causing injury.

If convicted, Paul could face more than five days in jail, five years of probation, and an ignition interlock device that could be installed in his vehicle.