A team of doctors removed a giant-sized tumor from a woman during emergency surgery on Wednesday at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

The 45-year-old patient had been living with the tumor for five years, according to Dr. Glaucio Boechat, who revealed images of the tumor on his social media accounts.

It took doctors two hours to remove the 100-pound mass that hung over the midsection of the woman, who is 4 feet and nine inches tall and was weighing 330 pounds at the time of the operation. 

It’s unknown why the tumor had not been previously removed.

‘It was the biggest tumor that I have operate on and certainly the biggest that anyone has ever operated on,’ Boechat said, as quoted by Brazilian news outlet UOL. 

The patient was admitted to São José do Avai Hospital on Wednesday after she reported difficulties breathing due to the tumor.

Boechat and his staff entered a conference to discuss x-ray imaging and decided to remove the mass.

At least 14 doctors were involved in the surgery to remove the lump.

The cost of the operation is covered by the medical facility and Brazil’s publicly funded health system.

While Boechat and his staff believe that the tumor may have developed in the woman’s uterus, it will take about three weeks for them to learn the results of the biopsy.

‘The whole hospital mobilized to perform the procedure for this patient. She is well, stable, breathing without the help of devices, talking and eating,’ said Boechat, a surgeon who has over 20 years of experience.