Anderson Cooper found himself in a very uncomfortable position yesterday, when some rowdy onlookers had some choice words for the CNN anchor.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was suddenly ambushed last week as he entered the network’s New York City office building headquarters, has learned.

The startling ambush took place on Friday as Cooper entered the building’s revolving doors in Midtown, Manhattan.

After stepping into the revolving doors, Cooper was reportedly followed by a heckler who was unhappy about a story the CNN primetime star did for CBS’ 60 Minutes last year.

“What the f— are you doing?” Cooper snapped during the ambush. “Get the f— away from me!”

According to the New York Post, the unidentified heckler accused Cooper of pushing “infomercials” for the manufacturers of “eVOTLs” – electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts.

Cooper, who hosts CNN’s popular 8 PM primetime program AC360, also serves as a part-time correspondent for CBS’ 60 Minutes.

During one segment from an episode of 60 Minutes that aired in 2021, Cooper reported on two eVOTL companies – the Austin, Texas based Lift Aircraft and the California based Joby Aviation.

“Wow. I, so just wanna, like, take off with it,” Cooper said in a portion of the segment focusing on the eVOTL’s potential use as air taxis.

Cooper’s report on air taxis seemingly annoyed the man who ambushed the CNN anchor on Friday, because the heckler reportedly questioned whether Cooper had a financial interest in Lift Aircraft and Joby Aviation’s success.

“Did you have investments in Joby, Wisk or Lyft?” the ambusher asked.

Although the AC360 host initially tried to ignore the man, the heckler reportedly followed Cooper into the building while recording the interaction on his phone. The video started circulating on TikTok shortly after.

As previously reported, Friday’s incident at CNN’s Midtown, Manhattan headquarters came just weeks after it was revealed Cooper was secretly deposed in connection to a lawsuit against the major news network.

Dr. Michael Black, who filed the lawsuit against CNN and the network’s main medical correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, argued CNN does not properly fact-check their stories before reporting them live on-air.

“Normally, I would just ask the question that I’m interested in about something, and the reporter wouldn’t know in advance what I’m asking, and they would just answer it,” Cooper explained during his deposition.

“The fact that there is an answer here, I’m assuming that meant it had gone to the Triad process,” he added regarding CNN’s unique and rigorous fact-checking process dubbed “The Triad.”

“I feel it makes it seem like I don’t do anything all day long and I’m just sitting around for the camera to turn on,” Cooper continued after it was insinuated his only job was to look good for the camera.

“I’m deeply involved, you know, all day long every day, in learning and research and stuff. It’s just not for lengthy yearlong investigations.”