“Killer Family” Savages Entire Other Family After Creepy Messages

While this story sounds like a Rob Zombie horror movie, the events are all too true.

AN alleged killer family hacked into one of their victim’s Facebook accounts before murdering her and seven of her relatives, according to prosecutors.

Jake Wagner and his family decided to kill his daughter’s mother Hannah Rhoden, 19, after seeing a message she sent about their custody battle, a court heard on Tuesday.

His mother Angela Wagner, who pled guilty to helping plan the 2016 Ohio killings, testified during her other son George Wagner IV, 31.

She told the court her family decided to kill Hannah and seven of her relatives after they saw a message she sent on Facebook where she claimed “they will have to kill me first,” to get custody of her three-year-old daughter.

Angela also claimed she bought shoes at Walmart for her sons to wear the night of the murders and forged documents to keep Jake and Hannah’s daughter “if anything bad happened,” as reported by WLWT5.

Jake also pled guilty to the killings, and already testified at his older brother’s trial. He was later convicted of shooting five of the eight victims.

His father George “Billy” Wagner has also been charged in connection with Hannah’s murder, as well as that of her parents, Chris Rhoden Sr. and Dana Manley Rhoden, and her brothers, Frankie Rhoden and Chris Rhoden Jr.

Frankie’s fiancée, Hannah Hazel Gilley, and Hanna May’s uncle Kenneth Rhoden were also killed in the family massacre.

The members of the Wagner family were not arrested until more than two years after the slayings.

Speaking during his brother George Wagner IV’s trial, Jake told how he attended the victims’ funerals with his brother and father and “tried to erase the memory” of the killings.

Jake claimed he and his father, George Wagner III, hid the murder weapons in a lake on his grandmother’s property, as reported by Law & Crime.

The admitted murderer said he and his older brother and father drove to three separate locations to commit the murders.

He claimed his father was supposed to kill Chris Rhoden Sr but didn’t shoot, so he did it himself.

Jake claimed he decided he had “no other choice but to kill Hanna” to protect their daughter.

Jake Wagner said he still loved his former girlfriend but believed she was dating men who would molest Sophia.

He agreed to testify against his brother, George Wagner IV, 31, in exchange for being spared the death penalty.

Jake Wagner said the other intended victims outside of his daughter’s mother were Hanna’s brothers Frankie and Chris Rhoden and their father, Chris Rhoden Sr.

The family decided they had to kill everyone who could point the finger at them. Canepa said some of the victims were treated as “collateral damage.”

George Wagner IV is the first person to go on trial for the killings.

The Wagner brothers’ father, George “Billy” Wagner III, pleaded not guilty and likely won’t go on trial until next year, the Associated Press reported.

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