In a most unusual pairing, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Fox anchor Tucker Carlson have formed a friendship.

Last week Tucker Carlson invited an unusual guest to his Fox Nation streaming show: Mike Tyson. It got a bit awkward.

At one point, Fox News’ biggest star asked how he felt about his opponents when he was in the ring. Without missing a beat, Tyson replied, “I wanted to kill them.”

He later elaborated, saying, “The more you hurt them, the higher you go in life. That’s just my mentality: the more you hurt them, the more people love you.” It was such a brash reply that even Carlson joked (sort of) that he was a bit nervous. P

erhaps Tyson’s forthrightness was because he was a little out of it.

Page Six reports that Tyson actually visited Carlson’s home, which is in the New England boondocks, far from Fox News HQ in Manhattan, to do the interview. Tyson had one request:

That he be allowed to smoke weed while being his houseguest. It was a fair question: Tyson didn’t want to stink up his immaculate manse. Surprisingly, Carlson, who once used to wear bowties on the regular, was cool with it, even if he did not partake.

“Tucker told him that it’s not his thing personally, but he had no problem with Mike smoking while he was there,” a source told Page Six.

Tyson’s weed habit is legendary. As per Page Six:

Tyson — who was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 until 1990 and finished his career with 50 wins and six losses — recently said on his podcast that he and his buddy, co-host Eben Britton, smoke about $40,000 worth on his California cannabis farm each month.

He also has his own line of edibles, which reportedly includes one in the shape of Evander Holyfield’s disfigured ear — a pretty tasteless addition given that it was Tyson that bit a chunk out of his colleague during a notorious 1997 bout.

Was Tyson high during the Tucker sitdown? Maybe, maybe not. Weed does tend to chill people out and someone who’d smoked that much probably wouldn’t be out there talking about killing opponents.

Or so one would think. Whatever the case, at least he likes pigeons.