These star-crossed political rivals decided to put tensions aside and dine together at a famous Italian restaurant. While we don’t yet have all the details, the political couple is denying a budding relationship.

Kellyanne Conway has spoken out to clarify her and Andrew Cuomo’s late-night dinner date together earlier this week was “not romantic,” has learned.

Conway, who previously served as ex-President Donald Trump’s campaign manager-turned-political advisor from 2016 to 2020, spoke out on Tuesday to quell the rumors she and Cuomo had a romantic meal together on Monday night at a famous Upper East Side Italian restaurant.

“Italians prefer eating to Zoom. We could have invited his brother, Christopher, but it’s unclear that he eats carbs,” she told the New York Post. “Nothing romantic. I’ve known the [Cuomo] family for decades.”

Conway also indicated she and the disgraced former New York governor discussed their respective podcasts – which are produced by the same company, Quake Media – and a series of political issues in which she, a Republican, and Cuomo, a Democrat, could “find common ground.”

“My policy portfolio included nonpartisan issues like veterans and the drug crisis, now worse than ever,” Conway explained to the Post on Tuesday. “Looking to re-engage on that and it requires working across the aisle.”

“Sharing a meal with Gov. Christie next week on same,” she added, referring to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

As previously reported, Conway and Cuomo’s dinner together earlier this week caused a stir after it was revealed Conway’s husband, Trump-critic George Conway, was not in attendance.

But one witness also at the Italian restaurant, Il Postino, on Monday night backed Conway’s claim the dinner date was “not romantic.” According to the witness, the pair were “not affectionate” towards one another and spent the night together “drinking wine and talking.”

Cuomo’s sister, Madeline, also spoke out on Tuesday and raged over the rumors her 65-year-old brother and Conway, 55, had met for a romantic dinner together.

“The idea that Andrew’s meeting with Kellyanne Conway has caused this much of a stir is frankly really sad, but speaks volumes about where we are as a people,” Madeline Cuomo fumed.

“The level of vitriol and animosity has risen to new heights and people no longer understand what it is they’re disagreeing about in the first place,” she continued.

“No one talks about issues, but rather adopts the position of `their chosen leader’ and sticks to it, because that’s what they’re supposed to believe.”