The controversial star is back in the news after another major gaffe.

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg doubled down on her controversial belief that the genocide of Jewish people in the Holocaust was not racially motivated, but was “white on white” violence.

These are similar comments to the ones that got her suspended from the daytime chat-fest back in February of this year.

Despite initially receiving both professional and social backlash for her views, Goldberg repeated the sentiment in a recent interview after being told that the Nazis themselves believed the Holocaust was about race.

“Yes, but that’s the killer, isn’t it? The oppressor is telling you what you are. Why are you believing them? They’re Nazis. Why believe what they’re saying?” she replied, adding that she didn’t believe it was “originally” about race.

“Remember who they were killing first. They were not killing racial; they were killing physical,” the Sister Act star continued. “They were killing people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they made this decision.”

“It doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street,” she noted. “You could find me. You couldn’t find them. That was the point I was making. But you would have thought that I’d taken a big old stinky dump on the table, butt naked.”

The Ghost actress first made the shocking comments during the Monday, January 31, episode of The View. Later that day, she apologized via social media and brought up the topic against during her appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“When you talk about being a racist, you can’t call this racism,” she told the show host. “This was evil. This wasn’t based on skin. You couldn’t tell who was Jewish. You had to delve deeply and figure it out. My point is: they had to do the work.”

As Radar previously reported, ABC President Kim Godwin announced on Tuesday, February 1, that the 67-year-old had been suspended from the show for two weeks, resulting in a whopping $192,000 loss in pay.

“While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments,” Godwin said at the time. “The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities.”

Goldberg spoke with The Times on her views.