A man who claims to be the son of King Charles and Camilla has revealed he’s planning a ‘fresh approach’ next year to prove his connection to the royals.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day regularly posts new ‘evidence’ onto his Facebook page that supposedly helps prove he is the secret lovechild of King Charles III and Camilla.

Adopted at the age of eight months by a family in Portsmouth connected to Buckingham Palace, Dorante-Day alleges King Charles and Camilla had him when they were the aged 17 and 18 respectively.

Camilla supposedly gave birth to him in April 1966, a detail that Dorante-Day’s grandmother reportedly confirmed to him.

As 2022 draws to a close, with Dorante-Day’s claims still yet to be proven, the Australian has announced he will be changing tactic in the New Year to prove he has royal blood running through his veins.

Dorante-Day posted a ‘little visualisation’ of himself and his wife printed onto an Australian five dollar note, ‘just to brighten [everyone’s] day’.

Replying to a follower who asked whether or not the truth will be ‘revealed’ anytime soon, Dorante-Day replied: “Absolutely – certainly have plans for next year and a fresh approach!”

He continued: “The point is we have to exist, and we have to do the everyday things that we all have to do to exist!

“Some of it takes time because it all has a priority but there are lots of things already happening on lots of different fronts on any given day! It just doesn’t stop at this end – and as more things become exposed or occur it changes the direction things will take!!

“Until some things happen or occur (Her Majesty passing for example) it changed a lot of things!! So, its constantly in flux – doesn’t mean it’s not happening!”

Dorante-Day posted a picture of a photograph of him and his wife on top of an Australian five dollar note.  Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day/ Facebook

Dorante-Day’s wife certainly has high hopes for her husband, taking to the comments to state she believes he should become the UK’s next King.

“When we reveal the truth Simon Charles, I believe that you should be the next King, especially after the violations you and your children and I have endured to date,” the comment reads.

“You also have skills that they don’t have such as true compassion, you have walked among the people and have experienced the reality they live, so from that perspective you can associate.”

Elsewhere on Dorante-Day’s Facebook page are other pieces of alleged evidence that supposedly help support his, ‘Investigation into my Natural Birth Parents who I believe are Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’.

From comparing an image of himself to Camilla’s brother, ‘Uncle Mark,’ to sharing a photograph of his son next to the late Queen Elizabeth II, Dorante-Day has also attempted to legally prove his claims by going to the Australian High Court to fight his case.

As we reach the end of 2022, Dorante-Day has yet to prove his investigation has any legs in the eyes of the law, but who knows what ‘fresh approach’ 2023 may bring, eh?