After years of Putin critics mysteriously dying, we’re starting to believe these aren’t confidences.

Yet another Russian politician has been found dead under mysterious circumstances after criticizing Vladimir Putin and the Russian leader’s ongoing war against Ukraine, has learned.

Pavel Antov, previously named Russia’s “highest-earning elected politician,” was found dead over the weekend after allegedly falling from a hotel in India while on holiday for his 66th birthday.

According to reports published by Indian media, Antov “jumped” from the roof of the Sai International Hotel on Saturday and was found in a pool of his own blood.

Antov’s tour guide reportedly rushed the Russian politician and sausage tycoon to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.

But according to Alexei Idamkin, who works for the Russian Consul General in Kolkata, Antov reportedly “fell” from a room inside the hotel.

Even more shocking are reports that another Russian named Vladimir Budanov, who was with Antov in India, died of an alleged heart attack on Thursday – just two days before Antov’s mysterious death.

“There was a tour group of four staying at a hotel in Rayagada,” Idamkin explained. “Last Thursday, a Russian man called Vladimir B. died. According to the police, the cause of this was a heart attack.”

“On Saturday, a second Russian, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region, Pavel Antov, fell out of the window,” Idamkin continued. “We are closely following the investigation and receiving all the information from the Odisha police.”

As previously reported, Antov is just the latest high-profile Russian politician and tycoon to pass away under mysterious circumstances after criticizing Putin’s ongoing war against Ukraine.

In June, four months after Russia first invaded the neighboring nation, Antov reportedly spoke out on social media to condemn the war and the air strikes causing “terror” against Ukrainian citizens in the city of Kyiv.

“A girl has been pulled out from under the rubble, the girl’s father appears to have died,” the now deceased 65-year-old wrote at the time. “The mother is trying to be pulled out with a crane – she is trapped under a slab.”

“To tell the truth,” Antov continued, “it is extremely difficult to call this anything other than terror.”

Shortly thereafter, Antov deleted the social media post and claimed the message was “an unfortunate misunderstanding” and a “technical error.”

He also reiterated that he had “always supported [Putin]” and “sincerely” backed the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.