After years of leading the Church of Scientology with an iron fist, David Miscavige could be on his way out after these accusations.

Scientology leader David Miscavige is apparently “nowhere to be found” as prosecutors search to serve the controversial figure with a federal child trafficking lawsuit, has learned.

Federal authorities have reportedly attempted to serve the mysterious 62-year-old Scientology leader 27 separate times over four months in Los Angeles, California and Clearwater, Florida.

According to Daily Mail, security guards on duty at the California and Florida Scientology properties were “clueless” when lawyers arrived in search of Miscavige.

The three plaintiffs in the lawsuit – Gawain and Laura Baxter and Valeska Paris – have also since hired a private investigator in an attempt to track down the evasive church leader.

Although Miscavige does not have a recorded permanent address, his last known address was the church’s international headquarters in Los Angeles.

In court filings connected to the federal child trafficking lawsuit against him, two former Scientology members said Miscavige lives in a gated church community called Hacienda Gardens just outside of Clearwater.

“Miscavige cannot be permitted to continue his gamesmanship,” said Neil Glazer, a lawyer representing one of the plaintiffs in the case. Glazer also said Miscavige is taking part in an “intentional concealment of his location and evasion of service.”

The Baxters and Paris filed the lawsuit against the church leader earlier this year and claim they were forced to work on Scientology boats after signing a one-billion-year contract in exchange for no money.

Paris also claims she was a victim of sexual assault by church members while still a minor and that she was locked inside an engine room when she was 17 as punishment for her mother leaving Scientology.

A Scientology spokesperson has since slammed the allegations against Miscavige and the church, calling the accusations “ridiculous” and the federal lawsuit “a scam.”

“The allegations are both scurrilous and ridiculous and the lawsuit is both a sham and a scam,” the spokesperson said. “Valeska Paris already wasted the time of law enforcement when she made these fraudulent claims years ago.”

“It is public record they closed her file stating: ‘There are no corroborating witnesses or evidence provided to support the allegations.’”

Miscavige is due in court on January 20, but the charges remain pending until the church leader can properly and officially be served with the summons.