Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker, might be beginning a new career while incarcerated. To be qualified for a job in a call center selling internet, television, and phone services to customers, she apparently needs to pass a literacy exam.

The disgraced former socialite, who currently works at the prison’s law library, will see a bump in pay at an expected $1.24 per hour — an increase she’ll need if she expects to pay off the ordered $750,000 fine she was given along with her 20-year sentence.

However, Maxwell is already seeing some playful pushback from other inmates at the Florida facility in the wake of her possible new job.

“The girls have been joking if she does move jobs, callers will think they’ve called Buckingham Palace with her posh accent,” an insider spilled, that some of the inmates consider the job a “lifeline” because “being on the phones allows the girls contact with the outside world.”

“Many of the girls work in the call center,” the insider added. “Customers would never know they are talking to a drug dealer, armed robber, killer or in ­Ghislaine’s case, a sex trafficker.”

In December 2021, Maxwell was found guilty of sex-trafficking minors, conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts and conspiracy to transport a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity for her late, pedophile ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein.

Aside from her in-prison career endeavors, Maxwell is also hard at work in her attempts to appeal her guilty conviction and subsequent sentencing. As Radar previously reported, the 61-year-old recently snagged Harvey Weinstein‘s former attorney Arthur L. Aidala to help overturn her sentence.

The source spoke with The Mirror on Maxwell’s possible call center job.