Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are likely to be witnesses in a defamation case initiated by the Duchess’s sister, Samantha Markle, according to a report.

Samantha Markle filed a request on Friday to have the ex-royals testify in support of her argument that Meghan made false and malicious statements in the couple’s March 2021 Oprah interview, as reported by the Mirror.

Samantha wants both to give separate on-camera depositions on the same day.

The disgruntled half-sister wants the Duchess to make 38 separate admissions during her deposition, the outlet reported.

Samantha not only wants Meghan to admit that she lied about their relationship and upbringing in order to sell a “rags-to-royalty” story, but wants Meghan to take back allegations she made against the royal family by claiming “Queen Elizabeth was not a racist” and “King Charles is not a racist.”

In the documents, Samantha, who shares a father with Meghan, accused her of withholding evidence and stonewalling discovery.

Thomas Markle — the women’s father — is expected to testify, in addition to former royal aide Jason Knauf, Samantha’s daughter Ashleigh Hale and online security expert Christopher Bouzy.

Samantha, 58, and Meghan, 41, had been at odds for years before the famous 2021 Oprah interview — Meghan has repeatedly accused her half-sister and father of selling stories to the British tabloids.

Samantha filed the $75,000 lawsuit after Meghan told Oprah that she grew up as an only child and allegedly lied about the last time the sisters saw one another. The lies subjected Samantha to “humiliation ad hatred,” she argued.

She has continued to fire shots at her half-sister and brother-in-law as the couple continues putting out documentaries and memories. Last month, she accused Prince Harry of being “emotionally underdeveloped.”

A mediator has been appointed in an attempt to avoid a trial, the documents show, but Meghan is trying to get the case she calls “meritless” tossed out.

Her lawyers argued the complaint “has no place in this court or any other” because they feel it is asking jurors to split hairs on the meaning of a “close” relationship.

“She is asking the court to decide whether she and Meghan “had ever ‘been close,’ how many times the two ‘crossed paths’ as adults and whether Meghan’s feelings that she ‘grew up as an only child’ are ‘true’ or false,’” Meghan’s lawyers said.