The release of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” has caused a stir, with the details he shared about his family life causing further division.

According to, the Duke of Sussex believes that his relatives in Britain are determined to get revenge and restore their own image, following the negative portrayal of them in the book.

“It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals spilled some of his deepest secrets to the media,” spilled a palace insider, revealing there is “so much distrust” between the Sussexes and his family, especially father King Charles IIIand brother Prince William.

Harry’s paranoia over any retaliation has pushed him to a breaking point, sources close to the youngest son of Princess Diana alleged. “He is done with all of the mind games.”

With new disparaging reports about himself being published by the day, Harry believes it’s far from over.

“There are individuals inside The Firm who will make it their mission to discredit Harry at any opportunity, especially now that he’s stood up to them,” said the source.

“Not much he can do about it other than dismiss them as lies. He knows this is classic palace damage control,” the royal tipster added.

Meanwhile, insiders claimed that Charles, William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, are just as cautious when it comes to dealing with Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

“It’s hard for the royals to know if they can have a private conversation without it being leaked,” the insider said, claiming they have started sharing false information in an effort to find out if the couple are behind the leaks which Harry is allegedly well “aware” of. has learned that Harry is glad he went public with his story, despite the fallout and he and Meghan are “ready to enjoy some quiet time” as a “change of pace.”

As for whether or not the Sussexes are returning to the UK for Charles’ coronation, that remains up in the air.

He said the “ball is in their court” while speaking to ITV’s Tom Bradby.