Don Lemon Officially Axed From Lineup

CNN host Don Lemon received significant backlash this week for his comment about 51-year-old politician Nikki Haley not being in “her prime.” As a result, he has been removed from the network’s morning show line-up for Monday, February 20.

We believe in holding journalists accountable for their words and actions, and we hope that this decision sends a message that derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

During Thursday’s broadcast of CNN This Morning, the 56-year-old anchor made comments about politician Nikki Haley’s age, which caused quite a stir.

He expressed discomfort with the topic of age and then went on to make derogatory remarks about women, saying that a woman’s prime is in her 20s, 30s, and maybe 40s.

This led to his co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins leaving the set in protest of his age-shaming comments. We believe in treating all individuals with respect, regardless of their age or gender, and we support the decision of the co-hosts to take a stand against this behavior.

Lemon ended up giving a halfhearted apology during an editorial phone conference on Friday morning, confessing that he was “sorry” and that he didn’t “mean to hurt” or to “offend anyone.”

He also tried to walk back his original comments explaining, “What I said came out wrong and I wish I hadn’t said it. I believe women of any age can do anything they set their minds to. The people I am closest to in this organization are women.”

Apparently, the relationship between the three co-hosts have been “smoldering for months,” according to insiders.

One source close to the matter told Confider there are serious “ongoing conversations about Don’s future,” hinting at the CNN personality losing more than just his seat at the morning table. The insider went on to call the primetime anchor a “constant distraction.”

“He has a colossal ego and he’s the kind of person who goes around saying he’s not going to take the fall for his show flopping, it’s not his fault and the network’s tanking, and they shouldn’t have pushed him out of his primetime slot,” they continued.

Lemon, who was in Miami with his fiancé over the weekend, did not appear on CNN This Morning this past Friday, as he had a scheduled day off, but now it’s unclear when, if ever, the host will ever return to his post.

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  1. Not a fan of Don Lemon, but I do not think the comment was derogatory and that is just an excuse to get rid of Lemon.
    Nicky Haley is not in her “political” prime. She was in the disgraced Trump administration and have no current executive or legislative job since 2018. She is also a woman and brown, running in a party controlled by the MAGA crowd which depends heavily on the vote of misanthropic racists
    Good Luck…..

    1. Uncharacteristically, I agree with your comment about Lemon’s statement not being derogatory, but he’s a racist, liberal POS who would have been fired weeks ago if he wasn’t a black, leftist queer. For some reason Democrats just love freaks, deviants and degenerates, as for disgraced Presidential administrations, look no further than Joe Biden’s clown show which is unquestionably the worst, most inept Presidency in history.
      Good luck…

      1. All so true, James! … Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery needed less than a year to prove himself The Worst President in All of History !!! …
        CNN bad personality Lemon is older than Haley and obviously way past his prime,,, which he never had one in the first place…
        And Geronimo. aka Boris, above appears to be a Russian/China Communist BOT for the evil Communist Democrats…

    2. Ah Boris/Geronimo, Democrats are the most evil most racist people to ever walk the face of the earth from their early days as slave capturers, slave shippers, slave sellers, slave owners, slave beaters, slave murderers to their current hatred of anti-slavery whites and now keeping blacks enslaved, stoned, and murdering each other on their Democrats’ Welfare Plantation!

  2. Bravo. Action befitting a queer, sexist, black bigot. He should be run out of the media in it’s entirety. He certainly has no special skills other than running his mouth about things he has no knowledge of and claiming to be a journalist. He is nothing and of no value as evidenced by his failed shows. CNN has given him more than ample chance to prove himself. But he just fails at every turn;

  3. Cripes! she was part of one of the most successful for the good of the Nation administrations ever – at last pretty good control of the Southern Border with the cooperation of Mexico, the best economy, I believe since 1952 which was on an upward spiral after the Virus shutdowns, the evil Isis brought under some control and troops being brought home (which is hugely important to a large segment of Americans) Korea had stopped shooting off missiles over and/or near Japan, Guam – it was very religious freedom oriented, I can’t even think of all the positives, but Nikki Haley was successful, dignified, respected as a UN Ambassador and a successful Governor., I can’t believe that anyone thinks a woman . . . or a male is past their prime at 51?!!! Americans merrily went along and elected what they then knew was one of the most corrupt politicians ever and in addition obviously past his not so high intellect peak because they loathed President Trump personally.

    1. You must be either kidding or seriously uninformed.
      Here is what Trump achieved
      • First President in history to serve a full term and increase the deficit every year he was in office.
      • First President in history to maintain a debt to GDP ratio over 100% for his entire term
      • Highest annual budget deficit
      • Most added to the national debt in a single term
      • Most new unemployment claims
      • Largest single day point drop in the history of the Dow
      • First President in almost a century to lose jobs in his first term
      • First major party candidate in half a century to lose the popular vote twice
      • Longest government shutdown in history (and he did that while his own party controlled both chambers of Congress)
      • First President in the history of approval ratings to maintain a net negative approval rating for his entire term
      • First President to be impeached twice
      • First President to have bipartisan support for his conviction after impeachment (which happened both times)
      • Most indictments, guilt pleas, and criminal convictions of members of an administration
      And again, that’s just a few of the records! There are so many more things he accomplished! He flatlined a strong economy even before the pandemic. He wasted millions on golfing (with much of that going back to into his own pockets). He wasted millions more rebranding part of the Air Force to look like Star Trek cosplayers. He wasted billions more on an idiotic vanity wall that’s already falling over. He told tens of thousands of lies. He violated the Emoluments Clause and the Hatch Act more times than I can remember. Plus he sabotaged our operations in Afghanistan, sabotaged gas prices with an idiotic deal with OPEC to create a global oil shortage, forgot what country he bombed at least once, tweeted a classified a photo, and he committed a war crime by ordering the assassination of an Iranian general in violation of international treaties.

      1. Trump created the Best USA Economy in History and lowest unemployment among all races since records of such things were being kept! And Trump did that out of Obummer’s Economic COLLAPSE! Obummer tried to base an economy on WELFARE, which is impossible long term as the USSR learned ! … Trump re-based the economy on BUSINESS!
        No American Troops died in Afghanistan by Trump’s last year… then Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery got 13 killed his first 6 months!
        Gasoline was $1.25 under Trump, $4-6 with Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery!
        Eggs were 30-40c/dozen under Trump, $5-10/dozen with Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery!
        Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery allowed a China spy balloon to spy on the entire USA. from Alaska, across Canada, and even across South Carolina before making any attempt at stopping it! As China likely ordered him to do…

  4. This racist ass should be fired how anyone could watch or like this jerk his mind boggling. I hope CNN finally gets rid of this ass if he had been white and straight he would have been terminated a long time ago. CNN grow some balls and toss him to the curb

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