Harvard Physicist Believes Meteorite is Alien Probe

Prominent Harvard physicist Avi Loeb has announced an ambitious $1.5 million mission to search for remnants of a meteorite that he believes could be an alien probe.

Loeb is organizing an expedition to Papua New Guinea to find fragments from CNEOS1 2014-01-08, which crashed into Earth in 2014 after a journey from outside our solar system.

Loeb, who heads the Galileo Project, which seeks evidence of extraterrestrial technological artifacts, has argued that the meteorite may not be a meteorite at all, and could be a manufactured object.

With the assistance of the US military, Loeb and his team have narrowed down the meteorite’s likely impact zone to an area less than half a square mile in the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

Loeb has managed to persuade the Pentagon to release the full data for the 2014 fireball, called CNEOS1 2014-01-08, which it said might be the hardest meteorite on record.

Loeb described the expedition as justified but not without risk, admitting that there is a chance it will fail.

If Loeb’s team recovers fragments that turn out to be technological, it would provide solid evidence of the existence of aliens.

If not, the remnants may be found to be made of some kind of never-before-seen super-strong material, such as a metal forged from a neutron star.

Loeb has also argued that a football field-size object named Oumuamua that whizzed by our planet in 2017 may have been an alien probe.

Loeb’s theory has been met with skepticism from other scientists, but he remains undeterred in his pursuit of evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Loeb’s expedition has the potential to uncover groundbreaking discoveries, but it is not without risk. Nevertheless, Loeb’s team is optimistic and fully prepared to take on the challenge.

If successful, the discovery could change our understanding of the universe and our place in it forever.

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