Trump Posts AI-Generated Photo of Himself Praying

Images created with artificial intelligence have flooded social media in recent months, with some people using AI tools like Midjourney to imagine what it would look like for Donald Trump to be arrested. But the former president isn’t opposed to AI-created photos. Trump shared an image of himself on Thursday morning over at Truth Social. And it’s almost certainly fake.

The image, which has been circulating on pro-Trump Twitter since at least Saturday, shows the former president on one knee praying. At first glance it even looks like it could be a real photo. But anyone who looks closer will notice the telltale signs of AI.

For starters, you always want to look at the hands. AI image creation tools have tremendous difficulty with generating realistic hands, and this image is no different. Trump appears to be missing his ring finger on his right hand, at the very least, and his thumbs are grafted on in a jumbled mess that seems to defy basic human anatomy.

Hugging Face has created a tool that lets people upload images to determine the probability a given image was created with artificial intelligence. The Hugging Face tool says this particular image of Trump was created by machines with about 90% confidence.

But you don’t even need fancy online tools or a knowledge of artificial intelligence to determine this image probably isn’t real. The first clue should’ve been that Trump is taking one knee in a pose that would be somewhat difficult for a fit and healthy man who’s 76 years old, let alone Trump. As far as I can tell, Trump has never taken a knee in public.

The other big giveaway that this image isn’t real is that Trump’s right knee—the one on the ground—appears to be directly behind his left foot. Trump isn’t proficient in yoga—or he’s been hiding his super-human flexibility for a very long time.

There are other context clues that such an image is clearly fake. For instance, Trump is the center of attention in every room he enters. None of the four faces we can see in the background of this image are bothering to look in Trump’s direction.

If Donald Trump, the 45th president of the U.S., suddenly got on one knee and started to pray in the middle of a room, you can bet everyone in that room would be either looking at him or joining him in prayer. The American public has a wide variety of opinions on Trump, but cool indifference to the man basically doesn’t exist.

I ran the image through several other online tools, including TinEye and Yandex Images, to see if the image appeared anywhere else, on the off chance that it was real. But nothing came back with a hit.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been caught sharing fake images of himself. Back in 2019, Trump’s team was digitally altering photos of the president to make him look more fit and even gave him longer fingers. Seriously.

In short, Trump must know this image is fake, but doesn’t mind sharing it with his followers to encourage the cult of personality that drives his movement. What does Trump actually look like when he’s praying at church? We have the answer from a 2019 surprise visit to a church in Virginia, seen below.

President Donald Trump looks on next to Pastor David Platt as he visits McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia on June 2, 2019
President Donald Trump looks on next to Pastor David Platt as he visits McLean Bible Church in … [+] Vienna, Virginia on June 2, 2019, to pray for the victims and community of Virginia Beach. (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images

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  1. So what? At least he’s praying unlike our present DICTATORSHIP who goes along with murdering unborn babies!

    1. It’s the 21st Century… time for all Americans to realize that all RELIGIONS are evil foreign psychotic mass murderous mental illness and an ADDICTION to being LIED TO, an ENFORCED PSYCHOSIS, and, of course, written orders from their evil handbooks for their customers to automatically instantly HATE, HURT, and MASS MURDER everyone on the planet not of the exact same religion…

  2. I would rather see this than some perverted man (Mulvaney) dressed up as a six year old girl or some freak with entire face pierced with multiple colors in their hair.

    You people seem to forget what it is like to have self respect and see a picture whether fake or not, giving prayer to our almight Father, God!

    Shame on you for your vapid, empty, self centered thoughts about the picture. You better hope God continues to protect this country given it is run by the gutter trash of society. This country is a depraved cesspool and it’s actions like this story and people gaving no humanity, decency, or respect that have gotten us here.

    Better wise up fast and start acting like adults not out of control obnoxious adult babies throwing tantrums or whining about pics like this. It is the reference of reverence, focus, and prayer to GOD NOT about Trump since you can’t figure this out!

    We all should be on our knees thanking God he doesn’t just wipe us all into oblivian,. We as a society deserve it for our actions!

  3. I’m glad President Trump is praying. America needs prayers now because of the incompetent Biden Adminstration trying his best to make America a Socialist Country!! God Bless President Trump and may God Bless The USA!!

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