Woman Fakes Abduction to Avoid Graduation Day Embarrassment

A 23-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, Chloe Stein, has been charged with several misdemeanors for allegedly faking her own abduction.

The incident occurred earlier this week in an attempt to hide the fact that she had dropped out of college and was not going to graduate, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Stein was arrested on Tuesday evening and charged with four misdemeanors, including falsely reporting an offense that did not occur and obstructing the administration of law.The case began on Monday evening when Stein texted her boyfriend while driving home from work, claiming that she was being pulled over by a police officer. Her boyfriend tried to contact her several times afterward, but she did not respond.

Stein’s family later reported her missing after they found her abandoned vehicle on Radebaugh Road in the area of North Greengate Road.State police launched an extensive search, which included flying a helicopter in the area and spending tens of thousands of dollars, according to Trooper Steve Limani.

The search ended when a tip came in on Tuesday night, leading officers to a home in Jeannette, where Stein was found safe inside and taken in for questioning.Initially, Stein claimed that she had been abducted by an unknown male who posed as a police officer.

She said that her abductor had a firearm and that she was blindfolded and taken to various locations in the area. However, investigators were already suspicious of her account, and evidence obtained in the investigation found inconsistencies with Stein’s story.During questioning, Stein admitted that she had fabricated all of the information about the incident.

Limani stated that the motive behind the hoax appeared to be due to her not attending college and wanting to avoid disappointing people. He condemned her actions, particularly for the fear they instilled in the community, who thought there was an abductor at large.Stein is due to appear before Magisterial District Judge Joseph R. DeMarchis in Westmoreland County on May 25 for a preliminary hearing.

Police are investigating whether other people were involved in the alleged hoax, and the home where Stein was found belonged to an acquaintance.In conclusion, this case highlights the consequences of fabricating information to law enforcement officials, particularly when it causes unnecessary fear and expense to the community.

It also highlights the importance of seeking help when struggling with issues such as dropping out of college and feeling like a disappointment to others.

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  1. Looks to be a typical spoiled lying Democrat… she could have just said she wasn’t going to her college graduation… I didn’t go to mine, it was a beautiful warm summer day, graduation exercises would have been boring, so I went beer drinking and water skiing, instead…

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