In the ever-expanding landscape of Big Tech censorship, a new tool has emerged on Twitter known as “community notes.” This feature, championed by Team Ron DeSantis, is being used as a means to suppress and counter narratives, particularly those of former President Donald Trump. As technocrat Elon Musk assumes control of Twitter, the platform’s censorship methods have taken an Orwellian turn, replacing fact checks with curated “community notes” handpicked by the thought police. DeSantis’ propaganda minister, Christina Pushaw, is embracing this age of censorship, conveniently promoting its supposed benefits for her favored candidate. However, critical analysis reveals a concerning bias in Twitter’s deployment of its censorship regime, which many platform researchers have highlighted.

The Bias in Twitter’s Censorship Regime:
Researchers on Twitter have consistently exposed the biased nature of the platform’s censorship regime. While Pushaw may portray Twitter’s community notes as a solution to censorship concerns, their application has been far from fair and balanced. Numerous reports suggest a blatant bias in how Twitter targets and suppresses certain viewpoints, particularly those aligned with the America First movement led by Donald Trump.

The Globalist Agenda Behind DeSantis’ Rise:
It is worth noting the broader context in which DeSantis’ candidacy is gaining favor among globalist RINO (Republicans In Name Only) mega donors. Figures like Ken Griffin, a prominent RINO mega donor, are supporting DeSantis as they see him as a vehicle to move away from Trump’s populist agenda. Their goal is to steer Republican politics back to the establishment-friendly days of Bushism, aligning the party with soulless corporations that prioritize their own interests over those of the American people.

DeSantis’ Alliances and Potential Presidential Ambitions:
Griffin, having contributed $5 million to DeSantis’ re-election campaign as governor of Florida, hopes to gain favor with the governor and persuade him to run for president in 2024. This push from RINO megadonors and the endorsement of figures like former House Majority Leader Paul Ryan signal a clear intention to halt the Trump revolution and redirect the Republican Party towards a more globalist, neoconservative agenda.

The Future of Free Speech:
As DeSantis embraces the Orwellian censorship tools provided by Big Tech, it raises concerns about the future of free speech on platforms like Twitter. The “community notes” feature must be scrutinized and rejected as it represents a dangerous encroachment on the fundamental principles of open dialogue and diverse viewpoints. Only a commitment to total free speech will ensure a fair and democratic digital landscape.