While the Svaldbard Global Seed Vault in Norway is an important repository for plant seeds in order to conserve Earth’s biodiversity, Oreo has chosen a unique approach by building its own “Global Oreo Vault.” This amusing venture by the iconic cookie business has piqued the interest of both cookie enthusiasts and those interested by the thought of preserving a favorite food in the case of a global disaster.

The Global Oreo Vault, located near the renowned seed vault, is a playful solution to the issue, “What if you want cookies after the apocalypse?” While the Oreo Vault is substantially smaller than its seed cousin, Oreo describes it as “really real.” It contains a large quantity of Oreo cookies as well as the cherished Oreo recipe.

Though the vault’s premise is fanciful, Oreo has taken it seriously when it comes to insuring the longevity of its legendary cookies. Each Oreo cookie container is wrapped in mylar, a material engineered to resist temperatures ranging from -80 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Mylar’s qualities make it resistant to chemical reactions, moisture, and air, protecting the freshness and quality of the cookies for extended periods of time.

The coordinates for the Global Oreo Vault are 78° 08′ 58.1″ N, 16° 01′ 59.7″ E. This lighthearted response to a hypothetical circumstance displays Oreo’s innovative strategy to engage its audience while emphasizing the product’s distinctive attributes.

The Oreo Vault pulls into a sense of reality, but with a comic twist. In August, NASA Asteroid Watch’s Twitter account mentioned 2018VP1, a “very small” asteroid with a 0.41 percent chance of impacting Earth’s atmosphere during the first week of November. The asteroid’s small size would allow it to dissolve upon impact, rendering it harmless. Nonetheless, Oreo’s humorous vault design demonstrates a sense of joy and preparedness, even for the most improbable events.

While the Global Oreo Vault is largely a cunning marketing tactic, its construction highlights the brand’s commitment to engaging its audience in unique and innovative ways. This unique effort, which combines comedy and realism, demonstrates the power of narrative in marketing and catches the imagination of customers globally.