The development of a potential third Wonder Woman film has taken a turn as contradicting rumors emerge. While series star Gal Gadot previously stated that Wonder Woman 3 is in the works, insiders within DC Studios now claim that no such project is currently in the works. The conflicting information sheds light on the complex circumstances surrounding the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and the new leadership’s direction.

Gal Gadot, who has played the legendary superhero on film, revealed in interviews that she spoke with DC Studios executives James Gunn and Peter Safran. They told her that Wonder Woman 3 will be developed with her and indicated their support for her portrayal of the character. According to Variety, no guarantees were made to Gadot, and development work on the third episode is not yet beginning.

The incident shows the delicate problems Gunn and Safran have as they navigate the DCEU landscape, which is in upheaval. The duo has been tasked with selecting which components of the previous DCEU to keep, especially given the influence of filmmaker Zack Snyder’s work. Their efforts to develop a fresh direction for the franchise while also managing existing projects and characters have proven difficult.

James Gunn, who is known for being forthcoming about his involvement in the DCEU, has not publicly remarked on the situation. His intention to remake certain characters under his control, including a reboot of Superman, has been evident. He and Safran are also working on a Wonder Woman prequel series called “Paradise Lost,” in which Gadot will not appear.

Gal Gadot’s pitch for Wonder Woman 3 is unsurprising given the success of the previous film and her portrayal of the character. The original Wonder Woman picture was well-received and was a watershed moment for the DCEU, introducing a new perspective and a strong female protagonist. “Wonder Woman 1984,” the sequel, encountered issues due to its release amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted its box office success.

The uncertainty surrounding Wonder Woman 3 epitomizes the continuing balancing act between honoring the past and embracing a new vision as DC Studios seeks to establish its footing under new leadership. Gal Gadot’s dedication to her Wonder Woman depiction and lobbying for the project’s development exemplify the dedication that performers and creators bring to their legendary roles. While fans wait for more information on the fate of the third installment, the DCEU’s shifting environment continues to intrigue and engage spectators.