Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, the head of military intelligence in Ukraine, has revealed some puzzling information that has rekindled long-standing speculations about the whereabouts and health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Budanov, there hasn’t been a public sighting of the “real” Vladimir Putin for more than a year. In an unprecedented interview, he hinted that Putin might have been replaced by one or more doppelgängers during this period. This disclosure has sparked conjecture regarding Putin’s well-being and the political climate in Russia while also leaving numerous unanswered concerns.

The Unexplained Absence

According to Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, the last recorded sighting of Putin took place on or around June 26, 2022. In response, Budanov stated that Putin’s absence might have been caused by a number of things, such as health issues, a wish to stay under wraps, or other reasons that were not mentioned. There is now even more mystery around Putin’s whereabouts and condition as a result of this disclosure.

An Intriguing Video Scenario

Budanov brought up a new video that cast even more doubt on Putin’s sincerity when speaking in public. As is typical of him, Putin had a watch on his right wrist when he was shown in this footage. He checked the time, though, and glanced at his left wrist, which led to a confusing moment. Then he took off the watch and started tinkering with it. Some have questioned whether the individual on the video is actually the real Putin in light of this strange incident.

Discussion on Putin’s Identity

TV host Anzhelika Rudenko questioned Budanov about whether the man in the footage was actually Vladimir Putin during the interview. The enigmatic reply from Budanov was, “Let’s leave it to everyone [to decide], so everyone leaves it to their own fantasy.” When questioned further, Budanov and the host both appeared skeptical, speculating that the person in issue might not be the real Putin but rather a body double.

An Uncertainty Cloud

Rudenko then asked Budanov directly if Putin was still alive and what his present situation was. In an honest but evasive reply, Budanov said, “I don’t know what to answer you.” This ambiguity has only made Putin’s condition more mysterious.

A Chronology of Conjecture

There have long been rumors concerning Putin’s health and the usage of body doubles. These rumors have been stoked by Putin’s persistent social distance and the sporadic appearance of someone who appears to be a lookalike. Some claim that Putin’s health problems have forced doppelgängers to perform his public appearances, while others see it as a security tactic to maintain the Putin persona.

Political Consequences

The questions raised by Budanov’s observation regarding the time of Putin’s disappearance are fascinating. Just before his final public appearance on June 25, 2022, Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of Belarus, held a crucial meeting that resulted in a contentious arms deal. After this meeting, Belarusian airspace was used by Russia to launch attacks against Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. It’s still unknown why Putin hurried to the Kremlin in the middle of the night.

A Story of Political Mysteries

These assertions highlight the intricate dynamics of Russian politics and the mystery surrounding Putin’s reign, despite the fact that they may appear out of the norm. Putin acknowledged that his advisors had previously proposed the use of body doubles—a strategy that was previously used by Soviet leaders like Stalin and Brezhnev. Even yet, he insisted that he had rejected the notion.