Ukraine has criticized tech billionaire Elon Musk after it was revealed in a planned biography of the SpaceX CEO that he gave the order to shut down his Starlink satellite network above Russian-occupied Crimea last year. Musk thought that a drone strike by the Ukrainians on the Black Sea fleet of the Russian navy may raise tensions and spark new hostilities, so he took the purported step to stop that from happening. According to the book, Musk’s choice has prompted harsh criticism from Ukrainian authorities and sparked debate about his involvement in foreign conflicts.

The Decision by Musk to Terminate Starlink Service:

Excerpts from the forthcoming book by historian Walter Isaacson claim that Elon Musk ordered his engineers to covertly turn off the Starlink satellite network over Crimea. The intention was to thwart the planned drone attack by Ukraine on the Black Sea fleet of the Russian navy. Musk was worried that this attack would set off a more serious conflict that might result in nuclear war.

Ukraine’s Charges and Rebukes:

Ukraine strongly condemned Musk’s actions after they were made public. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak, chastised Musk for obstructing Ukrainian drones from destroying a portion of the Russian navy. He maintained that Musk’s choice unintentionally sparked Russian naval operations against Ukrainian cities, which killed civilians. Podolyak questioned Musk’s intentions as well as those who advocate acts that incite violence and strife.

Musk’s Reaction:

In response to the claim, Elon Musk clarified that he made the decision to not authorize the attack but denied having shut down the Starlink service. He clarified that government authorities had sent SpaceX an emergency request to turn on Starlink in the area up to Sevastopol. Musk claimed that he turned down this proposal since it would have worsened the dispute and implicated SpaceX in a major act of war.

The Effect on Drone Attacks by Ukraine:

The explosive-laden Ukrainian submarine drones lost communication with Russian ships as a result of Musk’s decision. These drones were neutralized and harmlessly washed ashore. This incident clarified the possible repercussions of using technology in military operations.

Musk’s Position Regarding Starlink:

Elon Musk stressed that the original intent behind Starlink’s creation was to offer internet connectivity for non-violent uses including communication, online education, and streaming. He voiced his opposition of drone strikes and military operations using this technology.

Previous Debates:

Musk has caused controversy before over his actions regarding Ukraine. Both his Twitter poll that suggested making concessions to Russia and his request that the U.S. government take over funding for Starlink within the nation have garnered criticism. But the Pentagon’s decision to buy Starlink satellite internet terminals for Ukraine suggests that there is more to Musk’s technology than meets the eye when it comes to international disputes.