Longtime Democratic congresswoman from Texas, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, has drawn criticism after an audio recording showed her launching an expletives-filled tirade at one of her staff members. Her past contentious behavior is exposed by this episode, casting doubt on both her eligibility for public office and how she treated her workers.

Profanity-laced Tirade: Jackson Lee can be heard berating a male employee and calling him and another coworker “f—k-ups” and stupid on the recording that the Texas newspaper Current Revolt was able to secure. Her outburst came after she questioned how information about an event that the Black Heritage Society, Inc.’s founder, Ovide Duncantell, had organized had been handled.

Allegations of Mismanagement: The representative voiced her displeasure with the way her staff handled the calendar events, stressing the importance of accuracy—particularly when it came to notable individuals like Duncantell. She denounced the purported division of labor among employees, branding them as “big [expletive] children” with no discernible utility.

Previous Incidents: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has been accused of mistreating her staff before, in addition to this event. A Daily Caller piece from 2011 featured incidents of staff members being called names and subjected to derogatory behavior. In addition, the salesperson was charged with expecting lengthy hours and personal driving, regardless of the distance covered.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) resignation: In 2019, Jackson Lee was compelled to step down from her position as the organization’s chairwoman due to legal action brought by a former employee. According to the lawsuit, the employee was let go as payback for threatening to file a lawsuit over a supervisor’s alleged 2015 rape of her when she was an intern at the CBCF.

Controversial Resignation: Jackson Lee resigned from the CBCF because it was allegedly threatened with removal from office by board members. The former employee was allegedly sexually assaulted while interning at the nonprofit, and she threatened to be fired for disclosing her plan to sue the organization.

Lawsuit Dismissal: In 2020, the lawsuit was dismissed; nonetheless, the criticism concerning Jackson Lee’s management style and staff behavior has persisted. The controversy surrounding the congresswoman’s suitability for public office is further complicated by the release of the new audio clip.