Former NBA player Dwight Howard is in the news as the 2023–24 NBA season gets underway, but his influence extends far beyond the basketball court. A man by the name of Stephen Harper has made severe accusations of sexual assault against the seasoned player, adding more complication and controversy to an already turbulent scenario.

Stephen Harper accused Dwight Howard of assault and violence, false imprisonment, and purposeful infliction of emotional distress in a state civil case filed in July. The claimed event happened at Howard’s suburban Atlanta home in 2021. The fact that Howard acknowledged having consensual sex with Harper is what sets this case apart and creates the possibility of an unprecedented court battle.

The Legal Complaint of Harper:

Harper’s lawsuit claims that after connecting on Instagram and exchanging graphic texts, the two decided to meet on July 19, 2021, at Howard’s house. When Harper arrived, he said he was with someone else who was just called “Kitty” and that he was forced to have sex against his will. Harper claimed to have experienced strong feelings of violation and humiliation as a result of feeling threatened and feared immediate danger if he rejected Howard’s approaches.

Howard’s Protection:

Howard responded by angrily rejecting the accusations, claiming that everyone participated in the activities voluntarily and that the experience was consensual. In addition to asking for the case to be dismissed, he asserted that Harper was “out to get him.” In addition to requesting a summary judgment, Howard asked Harper to pay his legal bills and court expenses.

Stephen Harper: who is he?

Although Stephen Harper has garnered a lot of attention, not much is known about him because most media sources don’t release private information. However, Harper’s official Instagram account, @thestephenharper, offers an insight into Harper’s life. Harper describes themselves as a visual artist and their grid features a variety of picture sessions in a range of creative and trendy trends.

Harper’s Story on Instagram:

Harper shared their side of the story on Instagram on October 27. Harper described the horrific event, saying that he was startled and uneasy when “Kitty” appeared out of nowhere in Howard’s house. Harper described how she felt compelled to participate in the interaction and said that it had an ongoing impact.

Legal Actions:

As the legal process progresses, the parties involved provide differing versions of what happened. Howard, through legal counsel, disputes the accusations of violence, false detention, deliberate infliction of emotional distress, and assault. Olga Izmaylova, an Atlanta attorney, is defending Harper on the opposite side and has promised a media circus as long as the matter garners public interest.