The Green Berets, America’s Special forces, have had a profound impact on the battle between Ukraine and Russia, without being directly involved in the fighting.

“Ukraine was taken very seriously by Special Forces,” retired Green Beret Sgt. Maj. Martin Moore told Fox News Digital. 

In 2014, when Russia annexed part of Crimea, the Ukrainian military saw the need to modernize its forces in case of future Russian attempts to chisel away at the sovereign nation. America’s familiar, specifically the Green Berets, took a leading role in the training of Ukrainian forces.

A major role of the Green Berets is assisting countries all over the world to prepare for wars similar to the defensive conflict in Ukraine. While this work is usually done it secret, a preference of the Berets, we are hearing about their actions more now than ever.

Moore called the Berets a “force multiplier,” increasing the combat abilities and defenses of the international forces they work with. Rather than focus on raids or ambushes, much of the training is defensive in nature.

In Yavoriv, Green Berets trained Ukrainian counterparts to set up militia units capable of waging guerilla warfare against Russia. The preparation appears to have been a necessity, considering the current state of Ukraine.

With American Special forces still stationed in Europe, there work has not stopped. Reports indicate they are working to prepare other countries in the region for a possible Russian invasion. If such an attack does take place in NATO territory, the result could be very deadly for Russia.