Easter is here and Saturday Night Live was in the mood for rebirth this weekend. Following a cold open greeting from Bowen Yang’s Easter Bunny, the show gave several cast members a chance to present their best impressions and “share their hopes” for the spring season.

First up was Kate McKinnon’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who warned viewers that “like Jesus,” COVID numbers have “risen again.” He then added, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re going to be fine. And if you’re not vaccinated, I’m not supposed to say this, but I honestly don’t care what happens to you.”

Next came , who appeared with a chocolate rifle to explain that she has been “aggressively” wishing her Jewish and Muslim colleagues “Happy Easter” all week.

“Now I’m worried about Easter,” she continued. “Between the pastels and the jellybeans, this holiday has gotten a little too LGBQRST for me. And there is nothing gay about Easter, a day when a bunch of male priests worship a shirtless guy with great abs, then talk about wanting to eat his body. That’s straight stuff!”

“So Happy Easter and God bless Russia—I mean, America,” she concluded. “But kinda both, right?”

Then, after messages from Chris Redd’s Mayor Eric Adams, Mikey Day’s Elon Musk, Chloe Fineman’s Britney Spears and Kyle Mooney, who introduced himself as Jesus before revealing that he was actually Jared Leto, James Austin Johnson’s Donald Trump showed up just before Yang had a chance to say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

“I was told we were doing Easter wishes and I was not given my turn,” Trump said. “This is very, very unfair. Another example of how whites are being treated horribly in this country.”

After ranting incoherently for a few minutes, the former president reminded Americans that he once said COVID would be over by Easter: “I just didn’t say which one.”