Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, we have seen attempts to kill high-ranking officials on both sides.

Vladimir Putin was allegedly attacked in a possible assassination attempt while being escorted home to his private residence, has learned.

In a shocking development to come as the 69-year-old Russian president continues to suffer heavy losses in his war against Ukraine, Putin was reportedly riding in a decoy motorcade when the five armored cars came under attack.

Putin’s limousine, which was situated in the middle of the five-car motorcade, was reportedly hit by a “loud bang” on its “left front wheel followed by heavy smoke.”

“On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, and the second escort car drove around without stopping due to the sudden obstacle,” SVR General, an anti-Putin Telegram channel, reported.

“Subsequently, the body of a man was found driving the ambulance, which blocked the first car from the motorcade,” the Telegram channel added.

Although the Russian president’s limousine was reportedly attacked, Putin was taken to safety and was believed to be left unharmed following the possible assassination attempt.

Numerous members of Putin’s security detail were suspended and taken into custody following the incident, while some members “disappeared” over allegations the Russian strongman’s location had been purposely compromised.

“The head of the president’s bodyguard service and several other people have been suspended and are in custody,” SVR General continued. “A narrow circle of people knew about the movement of the president in this cortege, and all of them were from the presidential security service.”

“After the incident, three of them disappeared. These were exactly the people who were in the first car of the motorcade. Their fate is currently unknown,” the channel added further. “The car on which they were traveling was found empty a few kilometers from the incident.”