According to recent reports, Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, placed his nuclear forces on high alert as President Joe Biden made an unannounced trip to Ukraine. The alarming move occurred early Monday morning, just hours before President Biden arrived in Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This display of military readiness by Putin is a clear reminder that Russia remains a formidable force on the world stage and will not hesitate to defend its interests against any perceived threats. The Biden administration’s apparent lack of foresight in this matter only serves to embolden our enemies and put our nation’s security at risk.

As conservatives, we believe in maintaining a strong military presence and standing up to those who seek to undermine our country’s sovereignty. We call on President Biden to take swift and decisive action to address this threat and show our adversaries that America will not back down in the face of aggression.

According to Daily Star, Ukrainian intelligence services issued a warning indicating Putin ordered “large scale” nuclear exercises across Russia on Monday.

The three elements of Russia’s nuclear triad – consisting of the nation’s nuclear submarines, ground missiles, and warplanes – were also reportedly placed on their “highest levels of combat readiness.”

Meanwhile, bomber jets and a slew of Putin’s top commanders were reportedly moved to Russia’s Tambov air base which is located approximately 300 miles south of Moscow and 300 miles northeast of Russia’s border with Ukraine.

According to Ukraine’s intelligence services, the move is believed to be an intimidation tactic most commonly known as “escalate to de-escalate” – meaning Russia is attempting to escalate the ongoing conflict in an effort to force Ukraine to back down.

“Russia may increase nuclear blackmail in order to disrupt the visit of the US president to Europe,” the director of Ukrainian intelligence said via a Telegram post on Monday.

As previously reported, Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday came nearly one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was first launched on February 24, 2022.

During his surprise visit on Monday, Biden vowed to provide Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian leader’s forces a whopping $500 million military package to aid the invaded and war-torn nation in their ongoing struggle against Putin and Russia.

Biden’s visit also came as the United States prepares to place a number of new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and high-profile Russian companies – a move that would further disrupt Russia’s already crumbling economy.

As reported, Putin continues to face increased scrutiny over his failure to take Ukraine even one full year after first launching his “special military operation” against the neighboring nation.

Although the ongoing conflict is predicted to continue “much longer” and soon become “much bloodier,” some sources suggest Putin may be deposed or assassinated as a result of his failure in Ukraine.