Martha Stewart, the 81-year-old lifestyle expert, has reportedly been trying to find a romantic partner and has resorted to some unconventional methods.

According to recent reports, Stewart has sent bottles of her own branded wine, Martha’s Lighter Chard, to the important men in her life in an attempt to entice a potential partner.

It seems that the domestic diva is eager to find a suitable companion and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goal.

It remains to be seen whether her efforts will pay off, but it is clear that she is not giving up on the idea of finding love.

“Desperate times require desperate measures!” declared an insider. “It’s no secret Martha likes a glass of wine or three to relax at the end of a long day, but she’s usually alone when she does it.

“So she gifted all the men she knows with cases of her signature wine with hopes they’ll get the hint and share it with her and help end her loneliness.”

Martha Stewart’s love life has been relatively quiet for over a decade.

Following her divorce from her husband Andrew Stewart in 1990, she entered into a long-term relationship with billionaire businessman Charles Simonyi.

The couple was engaged at one point, but their relationship ended in heartbreak in 2008 when Simonyi left Stewart for a Swedish model who was significantly younger than her.

Since then, Martha has not been involved in any high-profile romantic relationships and has kept a relatively low profile when it comes to her personal life.

She hasn’t had a steady stud in all the years since.

Last July, Martha admitted having “two mad crushes,” but the men of her dreams were both wed to her friends, and she wasn’t hot-to-trot enough to bust up a marriage.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be a homewrecker, and I have not taken anybody up on it,” she nobly proclaimed. Gifting baskets of her special sauce to more eligible males isn’t the first time the aging lifestyle guru has resorted to unusual efforts to fill her dance card.

Martha posted sexy selfies on social media, and insiders dished she later resorted to asking her pal and former TV co-host Snoop Dogg to fix her up.

“Snoop and Martha hardly run in the same circles, so that didn’t really work out,” the source said. “Now, she’s looking at other possibilities and hopes the bottle of wine will grease the griddle.”