On Saturday, Prince Harry will discuss his interactions with a contentious trauma expert in a virtual event where participants can ask questions for the former prince to address.

Publisher Random House stated in a statement about the event that Harry, whose memoir “Spare” topped bestseller charts, will join Canadian doctor and author Gabor Maté for a “intimate talk,” to which royal enthusiasts can purchase tickers for $33.99.

Maté, a best-selling novelist whose novels have been translated into over 30 different languages, stated in an email to Postmedia that their debate would center on the effects of emotional loss and the significance of individual healing.

“In ‘Spare,’ Prince Harry is very open about his mental-health challenges, as I have been about my own in my books. Such a public conversation, I hope, will help encourage more openness around mental health and contribute to remove the stigma around what we call mental illness,” Maté said.

“I think a discussion of loss, trauma and healing is of interest to people at all levels of society.”

In addition to his knowledge of trauma and child development, Maté is a major voice for non-traditional approaches to addiction therapy.

He has supported using the ayahuasca plant from the Amazon to treat mental problems.

Officials threatened to have Maté arrested in 2011 if he continued to use the medicine to treat his patients, according to the Daily Mail, although the unconventional treatment is still prohibited in Canada.

A hardback copy of Harry’s contentious memoir and the chance to submit a question for Maté to ask Harry during their hour-long conversation are both included in the cost of Saturday’s event tickets.

The most current book by Maté, “The Illusion of Normal: Trauma, Sickness, and Healing in a Toxic Society,” will also be available for sale to attendees.

Saturday’s event will be livestreamed at noon ET. It is being presented by Random House, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Indigo Books & Music.