Pope Speaks Out Against Pets (VIDEO)

Pope Francis, in collaboration with Italy’s conservative premier, has called for urgent action to address the country’s record low birth rate, which poses a significant threat to its economic future.

Speaking at an event focused on pro-family organizations, the Pope criticized the financial instability faced by young couples and denounced what he described as “selfish, egotistical” choices that prioritize pets over having children. The need for concrete political measures to counter the demographic decline and promote hope for the future was emphasized.

Italy’s Demographic Crisis and Economic Concerns

Italy is facing a severe demographic crisis, as evidenced by the record low number of live births registered last year—392,598—coupled with a high number of deaths—713,499.

This trend, if left unchecked, could severely strain the country’s social security system. Premier Giorgia Meloni’s government has set a target of at least 500,000 annual births by 2033, with the aim of bolstering the working-age population as retirees draw on their pensions. Achieving this goal is crucial to prevent an economic collapse.

Government Initiatives and Challenges

Premier Meloni, who came to power on a pro-family campaign, has proposed various measures to encourage families to have more children. These include tax cuts to increase spending power, given Italy’s fertility rate of 1.24 children per woman, which is one of the lowest in the world. However, several factors discourage women from having children, including a lack of affordable childcare options, low salaries, precarious work contracts, and the tradition of women primarily assuming the responsibility of caring for older parents.

The Call for Change and Opposition Voices

During the family association congress, Premier Meloni emphasized the need to reverse the declining birth rate without resorting to surrogacy. Her statement touched on broader conservative political talking points, including the government’s stance on migrants and its aversion to recognizing both parents in same-sex couples. The issue of demographics has prompted discussions about Italy’s national identity, with some ministers warning of “ethnic replacement” if Italians fail to increase their birth rate.

Experts’ Warnings and Proposed Solutions

Italy’s national statistics bureau, ISTAT, has been sounding the alarm about the demographic crisis for years. According to ISTAT President Gian Carlo Blangiardo, even with an annual influx of 260,000 immigrants, projections suggest the Italian population could shrink from 59 million to 48 million by 2070.

While the increase in migrants can partially alleviate the problem, it cannot fully counteract the overall trend.

Opposition leader Elly Schlein of the center-left Democratic Party acknowledges the demographic challenge but highlights measures to address it. These include reducing precarious work contracts, facilitating access to mortgages for young couples, and increasing the availability of subsidized daycare centers.

Schlein emphasizes the need to address the deeply patriarchal structure of Italian society, as women are likely to opt for staying at home if adequate childcare options are not available, which hampers both employment opportunities and family dynamics.

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  1. this is such bull crap! I was raised Catholic but when the church starts telling you how to run your life ( like no birth control) are they going to help support your children. The Pope is well just is the only things we need to follow if Gods Commandments not man made ideas in A robe confession .????? THAT PERSON YOU ARE TELLING your sins to is NOT god has no right to judge you and give you A penance so many prayers he does not have that power God is the judge

  2. …a lying…piece of wet-feces globalist who isn’t even a legitimate Pope. They had to blackmail the prior Pope into resignation in order to install this creep. As if people didn’t have pets back when they were reproducing like rabbits? I hope this A Hole dies soon, and I hope Hell exists, as that is where this creep will end up.

    1. First thing is the Poop needs to realize that religions are evil psychotic mass murderous mental illness and he should shut down his mental illness pimping religion…
      65 million innocent people died because of Catholic Religious Terrorist Hitler’s WWII !!! Aided. of course, by Catholic Mussolini and by Shinto religion Japan…

  3. If they have the same problem there as we do here i can see the concern . A nation cant grow when the courts cant tell men from women and ppl follow what the court says . And with dems also wanting to lill babys are turn small kids into what ever sex they chose teacher do have a problem there Heck come to think of it WE may need lots more illegal mem in the
    country that know THEY are MEN I just cant see the problem of knowing most time But then i am not a dem of a judge

  4. I can see where that would be a problem if they have the same problem as we do telling a man from a woman Since our judges cant tell the difference how can there be sex to keep the country going Teacher that help kid change there sex ops there goes the balls and trans sure cant help women in that case HUummm come top think we may need more illegals in the Country since the man supply seems to be going down hill We fight need men that know they are men and will fight for mens rights and more women like Gains that will fight for women’s rights

  5. Continuous growth for the sake of the economy is not feasible as our planet population is near 8 billions. We might as well, for the sake of our planet, control birth rate OR nature will with mayor disaster and epidemics.
    Italy problem has a very easy solution. Open immigration, force the Mafiosi corporate bosses to pay taxes. If you want to encourage the birth rate, make it easy for families with subsidized child care, free education all the way to university and monetary incentive to have children.
    I have raise children and have pets and pets are easier, cheaper and seldom disappoint.

  6. Pope Francis, I think you better have a coming to God discussion with him and yourself! Your thinking is majorly tilted! Frankly, you are the worst pope that has ever been in power unless you go back hundreds of years ago!

    1. Are you paying for all these children? I suggest the Vatican sell off many assets as we know how stinking filthy rich the Vatican is! You want more children then you can pay for them! It’s very easy to make comments when you don’t have any yourself nor do you know how much it costs to raise them, especially dealing with life’s issues now!

    2. You have more to worry about like going after your own priests who are sexually abusing children and members of the church!

    3. For being a man of God the garbage that spews out of your mouth that goes against God’s will and what his plan is is appalling! How dare you call yourself a man of the cloth. If you want to cave to the attrocities of society then you should leave the church and put another in place that will adhere to God’s requirements!

    4. You better start getting people focused towards God! People are turning away, Satan is alive and well and doing a good job of turning people away! Get with the program Pope Francis and start doing your job that God called you to do and lead by example! Pope John Paul II ran circles around you and was a much better pope on many levels including meeting with the people!

    5. God ALWAYS comes first! You are supposed to bring people to God not alienate them. You seem to be forgetting the ten commandments pope and being weak kneed on today’s issues like abortion, following God not Satan, transgender and sexualizing children, adultery, hate, and many other topics!


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