$2B Powerball Winner Stole Ticket? (VIDEO)

A legal storm is brewing for newly-minted multi-millionaire Edwin Castro as he faces accusations of stealing the winning $2 billion Powerball lottery ticket.

Castro, who recently claimed the enormous jackpot, was served with legal papers in April, marking the beginning of a high-stakes legal battle.

The lawsuit was filed by Jose Rivera, who claims that Castro is not the rightful winner and that the winning ticket was snatched from him by an individual named Urachi F. Romero, also named as a co-defendant in the case.

The Allegations and Legal Proceedings:

The lawsuit, which was first filed earlier this year, alleges that Castro’s claim to the jackpot is invalid due to the alleged theft of the winning ticket. Rivera contends that after purchasing the ticket at an Altadena gas station on November 7, it was stolen from him by Romero, known by the nickname “Reggie.”

The case was brought before the Alhambra Superior Court, with Rivera seeking to challenge Castro’s status as the legitimate winner.

Serving the Lawsuit and Castro’s Response:

Process servers made several attempts to serve the lawsuit to Castro at his lavish $25 million Hollywood Hills mansion.

However, their initial efforts were thwarted when a man in his 50s, presumed to be Castro, refused to acknowledge the legal papers, claiming that they had the wrong person. The process servers advised him to contact his attorney for any concerns or questions.

Eventually, Castro acknowledged the lawsuit, and the proof of service was officially filed on May 17.

The Controversy Deepens:

As the legal battle intensifies, Castro finds himself at the center of a swirling controversy surrounding his newfound wealth. The allegations of a stolen ticket have cast a shadow over his remarkable win, raising questions about the legitimacy of his claim and the source of his sudden fortune.

With the involvement of a co-defendant and ongoing legal proceedings, the case has captured public attention, fueling speculation and curiosity.

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  1. The correct purchaser knows where the ticket was purchased, he should not have said where, as only he and lottery knows where… and may be on video…

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