Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has proposed using federal housing vouchers as a solution to combat homelessness, emphasizing that it is more important than funding wars. Kennedy made the proposal in a video published on Monday, filmed in front of a homeless encampment in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Addressing the issue of homelessness, Kennedy acknowledged that mental illness and drug addiction contribute to the problem but emphasized that they are not the sole causes. He pointed out that West Virginia, despite having one of the highest addiction rates in the country, has a relatively minor homelessness problem. Kennedy argued that homelessness has its own complex factors, one of which is the lack of housing vouchers for the poor. He highlighted that only one in four impoverished individuals in the United States currently receive housing vouchers.

The Democratic candidate asserted that the federal government could tackle homelessness by providing homeless individuals with Section 8 vouchers, commonly known as housing vouchers. He stressed the importance of prioritizing this issue over funding wars and overseas endeavors. Kennedy expressed his belief that taking care of Americans should be a top priority and emphasized that approximately 35% of Americans are on the verge of facing homelessness due to insufficient income for basic needs such as transportation, housing, and food.

Kennedy pledged to rebuild the nation from the ground up as president, focusing on addressing homelessness and supporting struggling Americans. His proposal comes as San Francisco continues to grapple with a homelessness crisis, which has led to unsanitary conditions and raised concerns among local residents. Frustrated with the encampments, some residents in San Francisco’s Mission District even raised funds to install sidewalk planters in an effort to prevent homeless individuals from setting up tents in the area.

Kennedy’s proposal seeks to address a pressing issue that affects communities across the country. By prioritizing federal housing vouchers for the homeless population, he aims to alleviate the homelessness crisis and provide support to those in need. As the presidential campaign progresses, Kennedy’s approach to tackling this issue will undoubtedly be subject to further discussion and scrutiny.