Geraldo Rivera, a well-known figure in American television news for many years, recently left Fox News after a lengthy employment to start a new adventure.

During a candid interview on a boat trip down the Erie Canal, Rivera revealed the behind-the-scenes drama that culminated in his departure from the network.

He talked about embarrassing moments, a deteriorating friendship with former President Donald Trump, and the reasons he decided to say goodbye to the massive broadcaster.

Geraldo Rivera’s career in the media has spanned several decades, with a range of responsibilities and noteworthy accomplishments.

Before joining CNBC in 1994, he worked as a journalist for ABC News’ “20/20” and hosted his syndicated daytime talk show. Beginning in 2001, Rivera was affiliated with Fox News, where he became well-known and recognized as a war correspondent.

Rivera discussed his departure from Fox News in a recent interview with The New York Times, admitting that his decision was brought on by a feeling of humiliation following his demote in June.

His long-standing association with the network, where he had been a key character for more than 20 years, came to an end as a result of the incident.

When questioned about his tenure at Fox News, Rivera responded, “I cashed their checks for 22 years,” highlighting the substantial amount of his career that he had invested in the network.

One noteworthy feature of Geraldo Rivera’s career was his friendship with former President Donald Trump. After becoming close, the two even made an appearance together on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Amazingly, Trump never said the well-known “you’re fired!” to Rivera—a gesture that held great significance for him.

But following the 2020 election, the couple’s relationship worsened. At Trump’s request, Rivera had contacted sources to confirm that Dominion Voting Systems was not involved in election meddling. He was disappointed that Trump did not answer the phone, and the two have not communicated since.

Rivera faced difficulties during his tenure at Fox News. He suffered repercussions in 2021 after raising doubts on “false flag” allegations during Tucker Carlson’s three-part series, “Patriot Purge.” A suspension of sorts resulted after this; Rivera described being “sent to the bench.”

Rivera later faced more hostility after joining “The Five” in 2022. Behind the scenes, a disagreement with former co-host Greg Gutfeld on abortion on air turned heated. In a commercial break, Rivera called Gutfeld “thin-skinned and a crybaby.” However, a spokeswoman for Gutfeld claimed that Rivera had later apologized, a claim that Rivera fiercely rejected.

Geraldo Rivera, who is 80 years old, views his departure from Fox News as a chance to start over. He made the decision to accept change and set off on a new adventure outside of broadcast journalism because he felt pressured to become obsolete. “I’m onto a new journey—the rest of my life,” declares Rivera, looking forward with excitement as he sets sail towards unexplored waters.

Geraldo Rivera has had several successes, disagreements, and difficulties over his illustrious journalism career. While his exit from Fox News may signify the end of an era, it also heralds the start of a brand-new chapter full of opportunities.