With his baby mother, Noor Alfallah, requesting physical custody of their three-month-old son, Roman Alfallah Pacino, filing a petition in California, legendary actor Al Pacino finds himself embroiled in a legal and personal drama.

Only a few months after the birth of their child, Pacino’s personal life takes an intricate turn due to this unforeseen event. We examine the specifics of this legal dispute and its ramifications for the renowned actor in this piece.

The War for Custody:

The 29-year-old Noor Alfallah filed a petition in California asking for sole custody of Roman Alfallah Pacino, their infant son.

She has also asked for joint legal custody and “reasonable visitation” rights for Al Pacino, according to court paperwork that the Blast was able to get. Pacino would be able to take part in important choices about the child’s upbringing if they had joint legal custody.

A “voluntary declaration of parentage” document attesting to Al Pacino’s biological fatherhood of Roman was also included in the court file. This document was signed by Pacino and a third-party witness.

Determining Parenthood:

Noor Alfallah told the court that she had slept with Al Pacino in California, which resulted in their child’s conception, clearing up any questions over the child’s paternity. Using this information, Pacino’s biological father status for Roman is now formally established.

Lawsuit Fees and Child Support:

Noor Alfallah has asked the court to order Al Pacino to pay any legal fees or charges related to this action in addition to asking for custody. The initial court filing, however, does not include a precise child support amount.

In California, the court’s official recognition of the parents’ incomes is usually followed by the determination of child support payments. It is expected that Al Pacino would have to pay child support on a regular basis due to his high income.

The Family Dynamics of Pacino:

The family dynamics of Al Pacino are brought to light by this most recent legal dispute. With past partners, the renowned actor already shares parental duties. With his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant, he has an older daughter, and he has twins, ages 22, with Beverly D’Angelo.

The Birth of Roman and His Bond with Noor Alfallah:

June 6, 2023, saw the birth of Roman Alfallah Pacino at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Thais Aliabadi, a well-known physician who appeared on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in 2018, delivered Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, True.

According to sources, Pacino and Alfallah’s relationship was difficult, and they split up before Alfallah requested Roman’s custody. Even before their breakup, Pacino had talked about how happy he was to be a father again and described the pregnancy as “special.”