In a peculiar tale that unfolds like an episode of a reality show, a Flat Earther couple from Venice embarked on an audacious journey in 2020 to prove their belief that the Earth is flat. Despite their unwavering conviction, their escapade turned into a series of misadventures, highlighting the irony of relying on navigational tools that are based on the very principles they reject.

Setting Sail to the Edge of the World: Convinced that the edge of the world lay somewhere near Sicily, the couple sought to undertake a maritime expedition to reach this supposed boundary. Originally planning a Flat Earth cruise to Antarctica, their aspirations were thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Undeterred, they violated lockdown restrictions, sold their car, and purchased a boat to set sail for the mysterious edge of the world.

Navigational Irony: Equipped with a compass, a device reliant on the Earth’s round shape, the couple’s attempt to navigate towards Lampedusa, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, took an unexpected turn. Salvatore Zichichi of the Maritime Health Office remarked on the irony, stating, “The funny thing is that they orient themselves with the compass, an instrument that works on the basis of terrestrial magnetism. A principle that they, as Flat Earthers, should reject.”

Lost, Tired, and on the Wrong Island: Despite their determination, the couple found themselves lost and fatigued on the island of Ustica instead of reaching their intended destination. The situation underscored the paradox of relying on tools that align with the conventional understanding of a spherical Earth.

Quarantine, Escape, and Recapture: Placed in quarantine due to pandemic restrictions, the couple managed to escape but was swiftly recaptured three hours later. Undeterred by their failed attempt, they tried once more but faced another setback. Ultimately abandoning their mission, the couple opted to take a ferry back to mainland Italy after completing their quarantine period.

The Humorous Twist in the Tale: The humorous twist in this tale lies in the juxtaposition of their unwavering belief in a flat Earth with their reliance on navigational tools that contradict that very belief. The irony of using a compass, a tool based on the principles of a spherical Earth, adds a layer of absurdity to their escapade.