House Republicans have voted to drop Jim Jordan as the House Speaker nominee after he lost a third ballot for the role on Friday. The internal turmoil within the GOP comes after former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the position on October 3, leading to a series of challenges in determining a new leader.

Jordan’s Loss and Ousting: Jim Jordan, the Ohio congressman, faced a setback when he lost a third House Speaker ballot by 25 Republican votes. Following this defeat, GOP members reportedly held a secret ballot behind closed doors and voted to oust him as the nominee. According to the Washington Post, Jordan received only 86 votes in favor of continuing his campaign.

Future Plans and Speaker Candidate Forum: Despite being dropped as the nominee, Jordan expressed his determination to continue the fight. “We only lost a couple,” he said, noting that some absent members would have supported him. A potential fourth ballot was discussed, and a conference was scheduled for further deliberation. However, during that conference, House Republicans decided to drop him as the House Speaker nominee.

House Republicans are now set to return to the floor on Monday to restart the process. A speaker candidate forum is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Monday, followed by another vote for a “new speaker designate” on Tuesday.

Chaos in GOP-Controlled Congress: The GOP-controlled Congress has been in disarray since McCarthy’s removal from the House Speaker position earlier this month. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise was initially set to succeed McCarthy, but he withdrew from the race last week after failing to garner enough Republican votes. The subsequent vote to name Jordan as the next House Speaker was rejected, leading to a series of unsuccessful ballots and internal strife.

Matt Gaetz’s Reaction and Potential Candidates: Matt Gaetz, who initiated McCarthy’s ouster, expressed discontent over Jordan’s sudden downfall, calling it “swampy.” Several House Republicans, including Kevin Hern of Oklahoma and Byron Donalds of Florida, have indicated their intention to run for House Speaker in the wake of Jordan’s removal. Kevin McCarthy voiced concerns about the ongoing chaos within the GOP and the uncertainty surrounding the path forward.

Conclusion: The removal of Jim Jordan as the House Speaker nominee adds another layer of complexity to the tumultuous situation within the GOP-controlled Congress. The internal divisions and challenges in selecting a new leader underscore the need for Republicans to come together and chart a unified path forward. As the party faces ongoing disruptions, the focus remains on resolving the leadership crisis and restoring stability within the GOP.