The Pope Calls Out “Gender Ideology”

Pope Francis condemned gender ideology during a trip to Hungary, calling it, along with abortion rights, part of a "nefarious path" that doesn't end in progress, but rather in "tragic defeat." Francis praised Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President Katalin Novák for efforts to preserve tradition and family values in the country.  "How wonderful... Continue Reading →

Zelensky Told Conflict is “Unwinnable”

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been marked by violence, political upheaval, and geopolitical tensions since 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and sparked an uprising in eastern Ukraine. After a full-blown invasion by Russian forces in February 2022, the situation escalated further. Despite Ukraine's insistence that Russian troops must pull back beyond its... Continue Reading →

Leaked Pentagon Memos: Putin will die imminently

Leaked documents from the Pentagon have revealed that American intelligence agencies are planning for the possibility of Vladimir Putin's death, according to a report by The documents were reportedly part of a larger leak uploaded to the social platform Discord by an anonymous YouTuber earlier this year, and they outline four "wild card" scenarios... Continue Reading →

War Between China And Taiwan Imminent

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, has condemned China’s military exercises and warned that Beijing seems to be preparing for war against Taiwan. Wu made these comments in an exclusive interview with CNN after China carried out “joint precision strikes” on Taiwan during its military exercises around the island. The exercises appear to mark the first... Continue Reading →

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