Trump ‘Dead Wrong’ on 2020 Election, Says Chris Christie

Former Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie sharpened his criticism against former President Donald Trump on Monday, stating that he is “dead wrong” about claims that the 2020 presidential was stolen due to voter fraud.

“[Trump] is dead wrong about the election. There is no evidence that the election was stolen. None. Not even stolen in one state, let alone the six states he would have needed to reverse the result of the election,” he said while speaking in New Hampshire on Monday, according to CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere.

Christie, who was once a dedicated ally to the former president, was visiting New Hampshire to attend the Politics & Eggs speaker series hosted by the New England Council, according to multiple reports.

The series is a renowned political event in the state, and often serves as a forum for presidential candidates in the early stages of their campaigns—leading to increased speculation that Christie may be seeking a second presidential run in 2024.

Christie previously ran for president in 2016, but ended his campaign and offered support for Trump after he finished in sixth place out of eight candidates in the New Hampshire primary. Christie was considered a strong Republican ally during Trump’s administration, but has since become a vocal critic of the former president due to his unsubstantiated election fraud claims and involvement in the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Last month, Christie again knocked Trump’s continual focus on the 2020 election by stating that anyone who “looks backwards are losers.” More recently, he slammed the former president for his statements appearing to support Russian President Vladimir amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, suggesting that Trump has no “understanding of the world.

Trump has previously hit back at Christie by claiming that he left New Jersey with a “record low” approval rating, and stating that voters have no interest in hearing from him.

Christie has repeatedly suggested that Trump would be an ill-fit to serve as president again in 2024, but has made no formal announcement to run for office himself. Late last year, Christie told the Associated Press that he believes he has the “skills” to do the job, but would only consider a 2024 run if he sees a clear pathway to winning.

“I feel like I have the skills and the talent and the ability to be able to make a difference in our party and in the country. And I’m certainly, at 59 years old, not ready to retire. But I’m not going to do it if I don’t see a pathway to winning. So that’s why I’m not making any decision now,” he added.

Trump has also not committed to a 2024 presidential bid, though he has hinted at the prospect heavily in the past year. A survey of Republican voters taken in November found that Trump would likely beat Christie in the primaries, with nearly 25 percent saying they would vote for the former president while just 7 percent indicated support for Christie.

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  1. The only candidates for the POTUS in the past three elections have been McCain, Romney and Trump versus Obama, Clinton, and Biden. None have the character, integrity, and leadership abilities of those such as Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Let that soak in, because that is our fault, and will be our fate.


    I voted for former President Trump against Clinton and Biden. And I will vote for whoever runs against today’s Leftist Socialist Democrats. They believe not only that all is fair in love and war, but whatever Democrats say and do. They lie, cheat, and steal continually. Their core value is that the end justifies the means. They are EVIL; LET ME REPEAT, EVIL.

    However, former President Trump should NOT be our candidate for the next POTUS. He had many good programs and policies, but his time wasted on McCain put Biden in office and the Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

    His criticism of McCain for being a POW in North Vietnam cost us the open Senate seat in Arizona and therefore the Democrats now control the Senate. Ten of my 1964 USAF Academy classmates (pilots) endured that North Vietnam POW torture and hell. Several others died in combat. Former President Trump never once put his life on the line in war.

    And his recent negative comments about Colin Powell are another example of how to lose votes from those who served with and respect his service to our country.

    Trump needs to read about the success of Reagan and Coolidge who focused on programs and never wasted time belittling their political opponents.

    And why does former President Trump criticize his most loyal friends and staff who may disagree with him? He is not a god and all knowing, and his biggest faults are his lack of humility (PRIDE), big ego, failure to listen to others, attacks on people because they aren’t physically beautiful, and his wasted efforts to belittle his political opponents.

    We will need former President Trump’s financial help and the support of those who voted for him in the past, and only by selecting persons like DeSantis, Haley, Tim Scott, Pence, John Kennedy, Rick Scott, and Mike Pompeo will our next POTUS and Vice POTUS be experienced and wise conservatives that can save our nation.

    Regarding former President Trump, I admire many of his attributes, but he has too many negative political deficiencies.

    Thanks from John C. Sowers
    Retired Military
    Hot Spring Village, AR

    1. First I like thank you for your service but I believe you are wrong Trump is the only one who really could help us out he stopped North Korea he went after China he went after Russia he will be my first choice the governor from Florida my second choice and the woman from South Dakota be my third choice that’s the only three actually can help us get us back where we were let me ask you what was the gas when Trump was in, how was the border then Trump was in,Trump should take the governors from Florida be a great connection and the one for South Dakota be a great one too..You are about Trump

    2. Let’s remember that McCain is with his Maker Six feet in FIRE and BRIMSTONE. Give it Up McCain is DEAD and Gone . Thank the Good LOD for that !

  2. Wow, after shutting down the George Washington Bridge and lying his ass off about it I can’t see too many voter’s that would be willing to elect this typical lifetime politician to any office!

  3. The democrats are responsible for Trump’s claim of vote fraud and a stolen election when they decided to muddy the waters by claiming racism and voter suppression and corrupted the voting process by allowing voting without any credentials among other situations that could allow any number of ways to influence the election. However, I voted for trump as a stopgap for electing Hillary. I never saw trump as a great choice. Some of his ideas were extremely worthwhile , but unfortunately he was willing to sacrifice accomplishing those ideas for the sake of his ego. Even that was not entirely his fault considering that the progressive ideas of the democratic party had permeated the media and compromised any attempt to accomplish anything with the propaganda they spread of Russian influence, racism, and illegal activities. Can we find a Republican pure of heart that is willing to challenge the progressive agenda that permeates every foundation of our democracy and correct the destruction of our republic even as the democrats are preparing for that possibility by packing the supreme court as soon as it became more conservative and commanding the media to manipulate or squash negative information . Unfortunately I can only see a glimmer of hope in that direction. Likewise unfortunately, I see no glimmer of hope from the Democrat side. We seem to be a ship !let in a sea of selfish behavior with the rats steering the ship til it runs aground and then they’ll be the first to leave.

  4. Anyone that doesn’t acknowledge the multiple illegal actions that affected the election outcome is wanting to believe that Biden won.


    1. I watched a YouTube podcast of Viva Frei about the investigation into the votes fraud of 2020. The guest was Jenna somebody , one of Trump’s lawyers. From her explanation of what she witnessed and is going through, it wasn’t just the democrats that were to blame. The republicans told Trump they were investigating voter fraud with the 350 million that was raised by the party, but they didn’t and the money disappeared ( into the party coffers). Not would appear that there is more interest in getting re-elected than in representing the people. Now I don’t think trump did a great job with all his hiring and firing and who trips and not understanding how America buys allegiance, but I do think he believed in helping America. But it seems like the swamp was more interested in keeping the waters muddy.

  6. I Do Not Believe Many American Citizens Could Stay Quiet and Not Respond Vulgarly to All the False Lies and Charges That Trump Had Levied Against Him Since Before He Became President in 2016 Thru His Term. I am Frustrated at How Long it Has Taken to Bring the Truthful Details and Facts Out in the Open. Almost Everyday Trump Had to Put Up With News Casting Evildoers, Even Some of the Rhino Republicans.
    For Me Like Many Others, I Just Want to Know The Whole Truth About the 2020 Elections Now and Not 8 to 10 Years From Now? I Want to Know What Several Hundred 2020 Election Workers Filed Voting Complaints About? When it Comes Christie—I Personally Will Not Support Him and Possibly Not Vote at All.

  7. Chris Christie a WRONG WAY Hippocampus ! IF , Chris Christie would Worry about himself and less about Everyone else he wouldn’t be in Trouble all the Time. Christie has his BIG Nose in everybody’s Business but his Own. I for One can Believe Half the *ULL *HIT he throws around. Lol !

  8. Christy is dead politically because he is dead wrong about the leaking evidence that we are seeing. Clearly we have 20 to 30 million votes than we should have in such election. We had the same magical turnout of 86% as Maduro, Iran, Russia and others using Dominion machines. 72% of out 183,000 000 voters would be less than 135 000,000 votes, not the 155 000 000 reported. I wait his apology in the NYT.

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