President Biden’s daughter Ashley has been the subject of a lot of controversy the past 2 years. Ashley Biden, now 40, had lost the journal in a move back in 2019.

In 2020, the diary was being shown and shopped around at a Trump fundraisers, before eventually being purchased by Project Veritas for $40,000.

After the sale, according to the New York Times, Biden received a call from Project Veritas saying the diary had been found and purchased. According to the NYT, the call was intended to trick Biden into confirming the validity of the diary. The “trick” worked.

If what the Times is saying is true, it could complicate Project Veritas’ legal case. as the group is claiming journalistic freedom to justify their publication of the diary. The possible deception could cloud that claim.

Project Veritas’ press secretary R.C. Maxwell said, ‘As is typical, the New York Times misses the real story by years much as they did with a certain laptop.’

‘Similarly, the Times has long accused Project Veritas of engaging in a “coordinated disinformation campaign” while now admitting Veritas’ reporting confirmed Ashley Biden’s diary was real and Veritas’ activities surrounding the diary were all employed “to authenticate the diary,”‘ Maxwell said. 

Project Veritas confirmed that the group paid money for the diary. 

They did it through an unnamed proxy from two people identified by their initials – A.H. and R.K. 

The group said they purchased the diary lawfully. 

In the end, Project Veritas chose not to publish. Instead, an obscure right-wing website published the diary in late October, but it got little attention before the election. Mr. O’Keefe was furious, and some within Project Veritas thought that one of its own operatives, frustrated with the group’s unwillingness to publish the diary, had leaked it.

Since that time, the FBI has pursued numerous raids, including one on Mr. O’keefe’s personal home, in an effort to obtain the diary.

Something tells us this story isn’t over.